Vana Lorenson

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Full Name: Vana Derrick Lorenson

Nicknames: V & Goldie

Age: Early Twenties.

Species Info: Shifters, different yet similar to the actual Shapeshifters. These two are always confused to be the same thing due to extremely similar abilities. Though the only thing to differentiate the two are the limits of a Shifter. Shifters can only change their physical appearance to an extent, their species to be more exact. They could change into a wolf or some sort of avian creature with ease. But if they were to change anything based off of their own genetics like facial features or body shape? They’d forget about who they were. Their personality and mind changes if they do this and they lose their true selves. The original shifter dies and creates a new one just to look better.


Hobbies/Likes: Vana reads and tends to her garden, both loving to do so and has taken it up as a hobby. When listening to music, if alone, she will get much too into the beat and lyrics. Start to dance even if she’s feeling confident enough. And she can even create her own music. Guitar playing and lyric writing is what she tends to do after obtaining inspiration.


Dislikes/Fears: Vana is the kind of gal who likes or is neutral towards most things. Whatever she dislikes is to be found out. Her fears, a secret.


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A Common Shifter.

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