Svylia L. Yatsuki X June

Intro Video


Svylia “Lucky” Yatsuki

The Youngest Daughter Of Skyler & Misty


Powers:Radiation & Reflection

Race:Demon, Wolf Girl


June “Molly” Summeroses

The Hier To Asteroid Falls


Powers:Relic Of Balance & Tactics [GIFTED]


Our Family

Svylia’s Parents:Skyler J. Yatsuki & Misty Mystical

Svylia’s Sister:Skye K. Vailson & Stacie A. Yatsuki

Svylia’s Nephew’s:Sky M. Skymoon III & Jack Vailson

Svylia’s Nieces:Esther Vaislon

June’s Parents: Carlos Summerroses & Donna

Who Am I...

Svylia The Hellborn Child/June The Hier to Asteroid Falls

Romantic Interests

Females (Svylia)/Bi (June)

Relationship Status

Enagaged to One Another

My Story Is...

~Svylia’s Story~

Born to the Exiled Skyler J. Yatsuki and Gorgeous Misty Mystical as the youngest daughter to them by Main Mom’s Standards.

Anyways as life progressed I was stuck in the Hell Evels being tended by maids and servants till one day my elder sister:Skye K. Vailson came down to Hell to retrieve a falsely punished maid and she also took me with her to raise of course Misty followed and set me up with my new future wife June Summerroses

~June’s Story~


My Appearance

~Svylia’s Appearance~


~June’s Appearance~




My Secrets Are...

Ruling is drag! Wanna explore!

I Believe...

All species should be accepted, under the lion's mane