Grant Ward AKA Hellfire

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Who Am I...

A former double agent, now just a monster.

Romantic Interests

A Scottish genius who hates me.

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Grant is a handsome man with black hair and dark features, he is roughly 6′ 3″ and is of a athletic muscular build.

He often dresses in jeans and dark colored shirts with a brown leather jacket, when not in combat.
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In combat he wears a  combat tactical vest along with kneed pads and other protective gear.
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Several sidearm pistols including

Smith and Wesson M&P.

Browning Hi-Power Mark 3

M4A1 Assault Rifle

Nemesis Arms Vanquish Sniper Rifle

Various combat knives and other tactical gear.

My Secrets Are...

Not for you to know.

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I Believe...

A bullet to the head will stop anything.



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