Myrno Lillian Valencia

My Story Is...


Age: unknown

Race: demon hybrid {other half is unknown}


The user can change the properties of Anything, including density, color, shape, state of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma), hardness, ductility, rigidness, etc. They can make things harder/stronger or weaker/more brittle, turn gas into solid, make metal stretch and rubber break as glass. They can make things hotter than the sun, or “so cold that it burns”.

User can make things as corrosive, to dissolve different matter, combustible, to make things explosive, or inert, which allows them to diffuse bombs by making the material inside no longer explosive even after mixing.


Color Manipulation


Combustion Inducement

Density Manipulation

Ductility Manipulation

Efficacy Manipulation

Energy Manipulation

Explosion Inducement

Fortitude Weakening


Ground Liquification

Layer Reinforcement

Matter State Manipulation


Object State Manipulation

Physical Restoration

Property Absorption

Property Conglomeration

Property Infusion

Property Linking

Property Locking

Property Negation

Property Replication

Property Transference

Quality Enhancement

Quantity Manipulation

Sharpness Manipulation


Stiffness Manipulation

Surface Tension Manipulation


Viscosity Manipulation


The Endless Arena.

It was not something i really like to remember though it more or less is my only past memory as an infant. If you did not know demon kids age pretty quick the first few months and by the time I could walk i could fight. Problem was i was taken from my birth parents because well…half demons are not welcome in the hellscape. And i was sent to the Endless Arena to fight till i died.

Only one small problem. I didn’t die.

Found out i had a strong power that was not of demon origin…which came in handy. But still I was a child and fear is a thing and i had to run…and hide or take a few big beatings to figure out I could fight back. And fight back i did…for about 5 eons…Yeah it was not called Endless for no reason. No sleep and no food just battle. My power and my own will was all that kept me going. But I knew i could not go one forever and eventually my luck even as long streaked as it was would end and one of the bastards would manage to kill me. So..I made a plan and I practiced with my powers at each fight till final i manage to get a rift open and i hopped on in without a care where it led.

The Red Sun Inn

So after going in the portal acid trip from Alice in wonderland’s breaking bad special. I ended up falling flat on my face into what looked like an earth hotel…that was at least until some roid raged Demi-god ran at me for no reason and shoved me out of the way to fight another roided out god of some sort. Needless to say..I was not on earth and was on some other realm that makes a bar brawl look like a pre-school recess tantrum. Out of the frying pan and into the fire would be an under statement. So i ended up in a fight I really did not ask for.  Of course  it was short lived thankfully after the demi-god became some wolf thing and the other guy nabbed me and shoved me in another portal. Now i found myself in a new town. And it is a town of slavers..

Current History:

I have fond out my mother was hiding me away and that i am Related to the Valencia siblings due to mother sort of…slept with their mother whom is the embodiment of all existence and where my powers come from. I am also the Head Keeper of the Grand Library of Universite Magnifque on Killi Toda. I have lived there through most of my adult life. learning the hidden secrets of this world