Kieran Novak

Who Am I...

Simply, Kieran Novak.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I grew up as a middle class citizen within the city of Olde Watch, getting into brawls now and then with the local kids, alongside my friends. I eventually did grow out of this as I found a passion for learning everything I could get my hands on, arcane or otherwise. I would continue to pursue a career in education and because of this I became a professor at a college within Olde Watch. Over the years my friends and I grew apart and it was then, that I realized that I had lost something incredibly important to me. I became Apathetic in my work and day to day life until I reached my breaking and took a leave from my job. I spend these recent years looking for the friends I’ve lost. It may be futile, the world is massive. But I hope I can find them and apologize. If I can’t find them, I hope at the least that I can find “Her” and tell her how she had effected my life. It wasn’t love or affection I had for her, but she made me the person I am today and I hope she will at least look my way if I can even find her.

My Appearance

I am a male with an average build, in my late twenties. Black hair now graying which has been the subject of jokes such as my last name actually being Antoinette. I tend to be well dressed in professional attire but when I’m not, business casual is my go-to.


I carry with me at all times;

– A notebook and my wallet


– A Knuckle Duster with a silver plate at the point of contact


– My Great Grandfather’s massive revolver “Retribution”. Previously owned by my grandmother and still maintained to this day. It’s chambered in .500 and holds six rounds. It feels like it was made for a giant and has power to match.




– Crucible; An ability with a lot of potential. Reduces targeted items to their basic components, breaking them down for easy disposal or recycling


– Forgery; Another ability with a lot of potential if used creatively. Creates items out of a malleable material similar to a crystalline structure that is ideal for making sharp items. Each item created must be focused on to maintain and are easily shattered but just as easily put back together.

My Secrets Are...

I am an open man. There isn’t much I could hide if I trusted someone enough.

I Believe...

I believe that there is always time to improve oneself. It may take weeks or maybe years. But it is time worth taking to become a better person.