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The son of one of the High Nobles that ruled the city it was clear from an early age that Duran was different from his father. Where his father cheated and lied his way to power Duran chose to help those in need, even at the expense of his family. This soon led to him being disowned by his father and cast out into the streets. There Duran learned how to fight and survive on his own and when he finally came of age he joined the military so that he can make a difference in life.

Here he made a name for himself and earned the title “Lord of Summer Lightning” for his skills  and prowess with the blade. This wouldn’t last forever however as his reputation grew his father was worried that he’d come back home and use his new found influence to bring him to justice. To eliminate this possibility he had Doran’s squad to guard a village that was doomed to be over run. It was a suicide mission.

Despite their best efforts  and many hours of brutal combat their formations were finally broken by the overwhelming numbers and the village was burned to the ground. The last thing Doran remembers is the arrow piercing his chest and watching as the flames began to spread

Waking up several hours later to the smell of blood and charred flesh Doran crawled his way from remains of the town that had served as their battlefield. He was finally found and nursed back to health by a hermit that survived by hiding out in the nearby forest.


Ever since Doran has marched under his own banner striking against His father at any chance he gets. Despite this though he has retained his carefree attitude and would still goes out of his way to help those in need.



(These are just some other characters I’ve thought up. I’ll add and remove characters as I think of new ones or realize I don’t like them.)


The old west is remembered as a time of gunslingers and outlaws, Sherifs and Bandits, but there’s a darker side that most tend to overlook. Winston was unfortunate enough to run straight into that nightmare. He grew up with a good family, but was rebellious and by the time he was twenty five had made a name for himself around the area he grew up as a cattle rustler. He enjoyed his life but unfortunately he made and enemy of the wrong people and on the eve of his twenty sixth birthday he was cornered deep in a cave system high up in the mountains with no way out.

In the dark of those caves he heard a voice. It offered him power, a chance to escape this fate and like a fool he took it. He was given immortality. Bullets didn’t faze him any longer and he fought his way out of those caves and went on become several of the most well known outlaws of his time. Every so often he would fake his death and after a year or two come back under a different name.  He is always haunted however by promise that he would surrender his first born to whatever it was in those caves.


My Appearance

Most people would describe him as average really. About 6′ give or take an inch, obviously built well from being a soldier, but other than that he’s just an average looking guy.