Who Am I...

The God of Atheletes, Messengers, Merchants, Thieves, and Travelers

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

My story spans over 3000 years so I’ll tell you my first story, which takes place on the day of my birth. The day I was born to the Titan Maia and the King of Gods, Zeus. After swaddling and placing me in my crib my mother, believing I was asleep, took a nap herself. Feeling a bit mischievous I unwrapped myself and set out on an adventure.
I reached full maturity within minutes but decided to stay in my infant form, because babies are cute and who’s going to accuse of baby of any wrongdoings. Growing hungry I set about in search of a decent meal. Along the way I found my first animal, a beautiful tortoise. That is the creature had a beautiful shell, which I hollowed out, then using some sheep tendons as string I made the first lyre.
After the hard work of creating the lyre I found myself even more hungry than before and really needed to eat. I climbed to the top of the mountain and looked in search of something delicious. In the distance I heard the sound of a herd of cattle and spotted the bright red herd of Apollo about 300 miles away. I raced toward the cattle and reached them after an hour. When I reached them I had to figure out a way to get them away from where Apollo had them hidden.

My Appearance

5′ 10″
Curly Black Hair
Piercing Blue Eyes
Impish Facial Features
Bronze Tan Skin
Athletic Physique


Caduceus: 3′ Ivory Staff, Two Intertwining Snakes, A Set of Wings on either side of the top
Adamantine Sword: Durable metal that appears to be a cross between silver and diamond
Messenger Bag
Winged Hat and Shoes

My Secrets Are...

The only secrets I keep are the types of weapons that can kill gods. (Although not many they do exist.
1: Any weapon dipped in the River Styx
2: Any weapon blessed by a god
3: Any weapon made by a god
4: (Imperial Gold, Celestial Bronze, and Stygian Iron.)