Jack Malfus

Who Am I...

Fiend Slayer

My Story Is...

Born to the High General of the Xaldarian Hellscapes and a Human Sorcerer turned Lich, Jackammon has spent most of his existence trapped within the burning hellscapes. However, given his human side, he has learned to hate and forsake his infernal heritage. As such, he has made it his mission in life to hunt down the devils that plague the material plane and protect it from the evils that would see it ruined. Using his weapons training and demonic power to seal the deal!

My Appearance

By day Jackamon Asmodarian Maleficarious Lives as an ordinary young adult Named Jack Malfus. He can come across as clumsy, a little air headed and spineless. Doing his best to afford his meager apartment and bills. In this form, it is impossible to sense his demonic heritage aside from the red eyes.


At night, Jack moonlights as a fiend hunter. Allowing his demonic power to shine through to assist in combat. As a result, his hair grows in length and becomes white with a black horns spouting from the side of his head. The armor he wears enchanted to protect him from the infernal powers that he hunts.

In the event that things get REALLY bad, Jackammon is able to assume his full demonic form. Increasing his power to suit his station as a prince of hell with full bodily transformation and natural weapons. His final form is the rarest to be seen and more often than not, the last thing seen by his enemies.



Enchanted Magical defense body armor

Demon blade Roku

standard outfit


My Secrets Are...

For me to know and the world to never discover

I Believe...

Fiends must be slain!