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Having taken the name of Valentine as his solely his own, Valentine is a relaxed individual, preferring to take things in stride. Not the first person to jump at the first sign of danger, he’d rather wait and watch to see how things play out, only getting involved when absolutely necessary. Standing at 6’3 and dressed in all red with the classic Elashada crystalline hair and violet eyes, he is quick with his wit and quicker with his blade.



As a patriarch, Valentine is able to create and shape matter and energy as he see’s fit. Starting as an Architect, the creation of Void Steele is as natural as breathing to him, summoning it on a whim. Aside from the impressive abilities granted to him by his status and blood, Valentine also wields The Blade Valentine. An enchanted weapon crafted by an individual who is known simply as The Architect before the destruction of the home world, the weapon is capable of slicing through different spells, most mundane materials, and even dimensions. With this weapon signifying his status, he has traveled to the world of Hellifyno purely to relax.



Info on the Elashada can be found here

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Patriarch of House Valentine

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Single with kids