Astor Sinnett

Who Am I...

Son of the Moon

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Astor was a child born on the streets of a now forgotten city, deep in a forgotten place. Parents died, leaving him alone, cold, staving. A simple baby, with no thoughts would vanish from the world & no-one would’ve known it was there.
However in the darkest hour of the night the moon peered down on baby Astor & took pity on him. He granted him the powers of Lunar magic which sustained him as he grew over the years. He learned to fight using the moons power, to disappear when he didn’t need to be seen. As he grew older his body stopped aging. Currently he is 2000 years old in his 23 year old body.
The longer he lived he used his power to gain influence & wealth but still preferred the less snob filled life, going to places where the less than rich lurked, fighting in battle with all sorts of beings, never lording his title over anyone.

My Appearance

Chocolate skin with pastel blue hair of medium length.
Golden eyes.
sharp handsome face.
White suit with black accents.
Small tinted black round spectacles with golden legs & a thin gold chain.
2 ring piercings at the top of his ears & 1 regular in the lobe, both gold.


Carries an assortment of weaponry.

My Secrets Are...

The spectacles are prescription, every secret after that is best kept secret

I Believe...

In the Moons power