Fernolrith’s mother was a High-elf with extremely powerful elf magic and the ability to control the elements. Because Fernolrith’s mother was a High-Elf, the elven people known as the Eldary race or just Eldar race came to her for everything. She did many things from fighting in wars to teaching The new generation of Eldary eleven. Fernolrith was a beautiful, and kind-hearted woman who would do anything for her people and for others who were her race. However, after making many sacrifices and doing many remarkable things for her people, she took tradition and advance to a high elven calling becoming more of spiritual guidance or rather an elven Goddess as the Eldary believe. Fernolrith’s father was a dark fey with enough dark power and energy to corrupt thousand and thousand of other creatures that roamed the planet called Avari. Fernolriths father went from commanding the dark fey army to becoming the dark fey king as his family were rightfully fey royalty and his inheritance would be greater than just the dark fey army. Like the elves, the fey had a council in which Fey royalty from each kingdom met and shared common goals. Fernolriths father, like Fernolrith’s mother, ascended to becoming a form of darkness. That form of darkness would be transferred to his future daughter Fernolrith when she was born. Fernolriths parents met in a final alliance between the elven and the fey as they elven and fey were always at war with one another. They finally came to an agreement when both councils from the elven and fey met and discussed alliances for both sides were tired of using resources and time in the war when there were so many more important battles that needed to be fought or ended.  Fernolriths parents develop a tiny relationship during her mother’s time at the feys home court but it was the relationship the Fernolrith mother wanted. She didn’t love Fernolriths father as he loved her and this grew the king’s anger as he was used to getting everything he wanted by corruption and manipulation. This led Fernolrith’s father to take what he wanted and sadly rapping the High-elf. In this sad event, time passed and Fernolrith was born. After fernolrith was born her mother gave the baby half-elf half-fey to its father as her mother didn’t want anything to do with something that wasn’t her choice. Of course, the king hesitated but after making up his mind he took care of the baby as if she was a weapon and not his own blood. Fernolrith was born in an elven town called Yllslean which was a small town compared to the other. Fernolrith’s mother didn’t want anyone to know about her child or that she was pregnant so she planned everything out. Using magic she was able to make alternative choices of doctors which would help her deliver the baby. After having the baby she sent it off so that it could be taken care of by its father as she didn’t want to take care of something that wasn’t her choice. Fernolrith came to live with her father for many years in the fey mountains where the fey hid away from the world. There she met many people that had an impact on her but the one person who had an impact on her the most was her father.

Who Am I...

Fernolrith, Half-Elf, Half-Fey

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My Story Is...

Early Childhood:

Fernolrith’s mother gave Fernolrith away as a baby to her father and her father raised her. When her mother ascended from High-elf to a spiritual elven goddess, she became more involved in her daughter’s life. Throughout the shadows, Fernolrith’s mother would get involved with Fernolrith edging her toward goodness but was only able to get Fernolrith to a neutral evil as Fernolriths father had already had a hold on his daughter’s life.  Fernolrith’s father treated Fernolrith as one of his weapons and nothing more. She learned from a very young age that love did nothing for one soul and mind so she disregarded it and moved on with her life. Fernolrith was born in Yllselan but she was raised in the mountain with the fey kind. She learned many things that affected the way she thought and the way she felt. She was hardened by her father but still managed to make friends along with her childhood. The feys had training for children and during that time Fernolrith found people who she was fond of and thought of as a family as she had never really had one. During the training process the fey children would learn how to fly, many children died because of the simple fact of weak wings or not letting their wings spread out themselves. It was told that the wings of a fey had a mind of its own. That it only worked well with their owners if their owner opened themselves up to the many wonders of having wings. For Fernolrith this was a stage which made her fearful as she had not yet learned how to lose all of her fear or rather overcome them. Some of the fey children around her would laugh at the fact that she was Half-Fey and didn’t really show the traits of a Fey but when the time came for her to fly she opened herself up all the way making something new and rare to the fey kind. Once she opened up she found herself in a transformation in which she turned full fey for the time being. Her eyes glowed a fiery golden amber, her black wings spread as if feeling and capturing the winds, her fang grew sharply and white, and her horns were tiny at the time because of her age and size but they were pretty and black. There were also changes inside her body but that didn’t really matter at the moment. The children who were laughing at her trouble seemed to stop their laughter. That day sore through the air seeing all the beauty that her home planet possessed. After surviving the flying test, her father rather liked her staying full fey form so she did because at the time her father word mattered to her more than anything. Her whole life would be based on her father’s approval which she got rarely but when she did it made her feel good. Next in the many things of her childhood, she learned what fey power she possessed as there were different types of fey. Fernolrith learned that her fey powers originated from the original fey and that her powers were pretty powerful than any other fey. This was to her father’s liking and from that moment her father took her and put her into more advanced classes even though she was a child. This impacted her heavily and all areas of her life and it made her grow stronger. Being put into advanced classes meant that everything she did was going to change. She would have to work harder at things and she did or her father would sadly strike her until she learned the consequence of failing. This developed an attitude in which failing wasn’t an option for Fenolrith and she would do anything to get what she wanted even if that meant losing her friends, stepping on people, or even killing. With every punishment, her fear wiped away, with every punishment her emotions wiped away until all that was left was a steel hearted girl would do anything to succeed at the things she wanted to succeed at.

Teen/Young Adult Years: 

Many years had passed, Fernolrith grew from her childhood into her Teen or rather a young adult stage as she continued to train and get better at what she liked to do because what she did was all that she knew. Becoming a young adult her father trusted her with more things and so he gave her jobs that challenged her at first but she overcame them. At this time the fey and humans were going to a war which was harder then any fey would have expected because the humans had the fey weakness at their disposal. The humans had an iron which made the fey vulnerable but that didn’t stop Fernolrith father from sending her off to war which she gladly accepted. During the many battles that Fernolrith fought in, she got to see the world through her own eyes even if it was through war. Fernolrith was a great fighter and was always the only one to survive the front line as it was told that many front line fey soldiers would die because they were going to be the first in combat. With Fernolrith the fey was able to win many battles and eventually come to an alliance with the humans. After the battles of the white mountains, Fernolrith decides to defy her father and go her own way. She was tired of having her every moment controlled and confined to what her father wanted. She was only 160 years old at the time and still had experienced the world. Leaving the mountains her mother saw the opportunity to help her daughter learn about her other side or half and so Fernolrith’s mother took the chance. She guided her daughter along many paths which lead her to Eldary race. Here her mother would appear in high elf form and take care of her daughter.   She could do anything to change her daughter to good but she did manage to get Fernolirth to neutral evil. Fernolrith’s time in Yllselan was great and she learned so much about the Eldary culture but she wanted to train as the fighting became one of her biggest aspects in life. With her mother Fernolrith moved to the capital named Ellalrius, their Fernolrith train becoming one of the best as she only wished to succeed the right way. Ever since Fernolrith childhood, she had been taught one thing and that was how to survive by herself. The Eldary saw her strengths and weakness, giving it a little thought they drafted Fernolrith into their army and gave her the name Nolrith (which means dark warrior) for short. The way she grew up affected the way she performed and battle, she wasn’t a team player like the other solider but she knew how to always get the job or rather the battle is done. Some Eldary people called her a risk but other than she was a project that needed to be worked on. The more the tried to fix what was broken inside her, the more they found that she couldn’t be fixed by just anyone. So they gave up and treated her nothing more then just a weapon and Fernolrith was fine with that.

Adult Years: (W.I.P)

My Appearance

Fernolrith looks about 21 years old but in age, she is about 210 years old. The planet that she lives on does not exist in the balance of time. She 6’1 in height, getting that feature from her father’s side. Her hair is whitish blonde and her eyes are a dark black. Fernolrith is a tough person with a heart of cold steel. She was raised as a weapon and hasn’t really experienced anything on the love side. She thinks love is a weakness and rather eliminates it. She is smart and can figure things out. She is very stubborn and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She also doesn’t scare easily.

I Believe...

*Fernolrith* I don't want the Darkness to leave.