Mia Holloway


“I hate him you know. I hate him and I love him. I hate it when he won’t let me go out with my friends, but I love it when he fucks me.  I hate it when he fucks me too though. See how that works? Doesn’t make any sense.” – Nina Deer, The Quiet.




This role includes incest and rape and murder and betrayal among other dark elements. This role was inspired by the movie “The Quiet”, you don’t have to have seen it though. But if you want to it’s free on Tubi. For me the daughter is what sells the movie. As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but love the dark theme to it. The inner struggle the daughter had. The way she wanted to kill him but couldn’t bring herself to do it. The way for a slither of a moment we get to see the father show guilt when he confides in his deaf goddaughter who he thought was sleeping. I don’t want it to be happy and all sunshine and roses all the time. This role does not include murdering the father character even if she wants to she’s in love with him. She’d never kill him.




  1.  Must be able to write multiple paragraphs.
  2. Must be interested in plotting and discussing characters.
  3. Must be good at writing multiple characters. You won’t be the only one who writes them I just don’t want to be the only one doing it.
  4. Must enjoy build up and story and not having sex in every scene or in the beginning even if they already have a sexual relationship.
  5. Must be communicative.
  6. Must not try to change or control my character.
  7.  Must be detailed.

From The Girl Behind:


  1.  Madison Sinclair
Romantic Interests

My father

My Story Is...

Mia was born into an upper middle class family and grew up in a light blue two story house in Connecticut. Her dad is the county’s local sheriff. Her mom was a stay at home house wife and her fourteen year old brother Austin is the star quarterback on their high school football team.


She was born at Saint Mary’s, a hospital that’s only about thirty minutes from her house. She got her middle name from her mother’s favorite nurse at the time; Rose. As a child Mia loved staying outside and riding her bike or climbing the oak tree standing outside of her bedroom window. She broke her arm falling out of it in the first grade.


Mia was nine when she started taking horseback riding lessons at her aunt and uncle’s farm. She took lessons for nearly three years before her dad finally gave her permission to enter competitions. She quit doing competitions at fourteen when it stopped being fun but still enjoys riding her horse at her aunt and uncle’s farm.


Before Mia’s mom got sick they used to be very close. At birth Mia had been gifted with her mom’s artistic abilities. As a child she would spend her weekends held up with her mom in her mother’s studio with her own easel to paint on. But then her mom got sick and with in a week of learning of her diagnosis, Mia’s father already turned their studio into his storage room, using it to store all of the junk from their house that they don’t need or don’t use anymore.


Mia’s father started sleeping with her two months before her mother died. She was fifteen. She hates him and tries to avoid him as much as he’ll let her. Whenever he’s on top of her the only thing that keeps her going is fantasizing about killing him. She’d never do it though because as much as she hates him she loves him too. He likes to call her his “little rose”.


Mia is close with her brother. She goes to all of his games along with their dad and is his biggest fan. He doesn’t know about her secret. Austin thinks of their dad as his hero, constantly tries to impress him but never gets the reaction out of him that he wants. He would think she was lying or he’d blame her for the whole thing.


Mia got her first job as a scooper at Baskin Robbins at fourteen. Her dad made her quit a year and a few months later, said he wasn’t getting to spend enough time with her. She told her boss that she was getting behind on her homework.


Mia has an easel at the foot of her full size bed that stands in front of her window. Her bed is in the corner of her room. Her walls are painted white and has pictures and drawings and sketches and paintings decorating it. Her floors are hardwood. Everything in her room is organized and has it’s place. She is currently seventeen years old.

My Appearance

Mia has a heart-shaped face with a pointed jawline and olive skin. Thick dark brown waves fall just below her shoulders while her bangs are parted down the middle of her wide forehead. Nestled below neatly trimmed and nicely shaped eyebrows are round set blue eyes with full charcoal colored lashes. Set between prominent cheekbones is a straight edge nose. Dimples frame bow-shaped lips and a straight white smile. Slim arms lead down to nails with white French tips which rest on either side of her hourglass build.


Sketchbook, navy colored messenger bag, phone, teddy bear with a button eye missing

My Secrets Are...

None of your business.