Qilaq + Miki Niutuiyik


Qilaq and his writer are only 16. Therefore, no lewd roleplays allowed. Pedophiles aren’t welcome. Clean romance roleplays are fine, as long as your character isn’t an adult. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a roleplay, I’m always happy to write!


Qilaq Niutuiyik


Height: 5’7 (not including his ears)


Weight: 296 lbs (it’s the feathers, I swear!)


Ethnicity: Inuit


Age: 16


Origin: A mountainous tundra on an unknown planet


Species: Most likely a Snowy Owl/Snow Leopard Griffin


Personality: Qilaq is an independent creature who doesn’t appear to need much to survive. For much of his life, he’s lived off the land. Born in the tundra and raised in the mountains, Qil is perfectly adapted for the cold and snow. It’s unknown where he lives, but there are hints that he may have lived in a cabin near a lake before being adopted by a certain feline woman. It may seem, knowing all this, that Qilaq is more feral than civilized, and may be best keeping himself out of cities like Persistence and Consequence. However, he’s actually very well-mannered and is extremely intelligent, which hints that he might’ve been fully adapted to social life before something happened to drive him away. He seems to be nervous about social interaction. For a while, he was mute, but someone gave him back his voice using magic. Somehow, Qilaq always seems to have a stack of cash up his sleeve.


Supernatural Abilities: It’s unclear what Qilaq can do and how much potential he holds, but one can safely assume he holds great supernatural power judging by his aura. It’s been described as one that makes one feel physically cold, while also having a sort of hum of energy that skilled magic users could not identify. Qilaq, most likely, doesn’t use magic but instead uses some kind of supernatural power that doesn’t quite classify as magic. What this may be is unknown, but good candidates are exotic matter and energy. The only ability we know this feathered creature has for sure is strength and flight speeds which should be impossible given his size and weight.


Miki Niutuiyik


Height: 5’4 (not including his ears)


Weight: Not known exactly, likely around 180 lbs… because floof! (and also muscle. lots of muscle)


Ethnicity: Most likely Inuit


Age: 16


Origin: Same as Qilaq


Species: Most likely the same as Qilaq


Personality: Miki, one of Qilaq’s brothers, had a similar upbringing to the latter. With a name that literally means “Small”, it might be easy to see why he was named that way. As a chick, Miki was tiny. Of course, he isn’t all that small at this point, but still gets made fun of sometimes for being a little on the smol side. However, his size doesn’t mean he can’t be ferocious at times. Keep on his nice side! He has a core of steel and a lower half that is thick and powerful enough to crush dragon skulls. Workouts are a common thing for Miki. But despite all that, he’s actually more brainy than brawny, being very intelligent and having extensive knowledge on many topics, which is useful since he can MacGyver his way out of a tough situation easily. Miki also likes lacing up a pair of skates and playing hockey. He’s good at it too! Just like Qilaq, Miki enjoys snuggles and hugs, and has the softest feathers you’ve ever seen. Oh, and a giant tail that is hard not to squeeze when you see it.


Supernatural Abilities: Various powerful abilities connected to space, time, and the Multiverse. Miki is a very powerful being, but doesn’t like flaunting his power or fighting pointless battles. If he uses his powers, it’s always for a good cause. However, he uses other abilities like his flexibility, hypersonic flight speeds, superhuman (er, superowl?) strength, and the remarkable durability of his body quite regularly.

The rest of this profile was written by Qilaq and Miki.

Who Am I...

Q: Birb. | M: An owl gryphon. But I guess that's obvious by now, right?

Romantic Interests

Q: I'm a pansexual male. My pronouns are he/him. I don't really lean to any side, everyone is fair game. | M: I like to think of myself as straight, but in honesty anyone works. I guess that makes me pan?

Relationship Status

Q: I'm taken by another owl who goes by the name of Eve. And man, is she awesome! | M: Taken by a literal demigoddess. Her name's Keira and she's a rather tall dragon girl who I adore with all my heart. If you ever need healing, maybe talk to her since she has awesome healing powers!

My Story Is...

Q: I’d rather not say, since I don’t want to give the hunters clues. I will say, however, that for a while I was mute. Then someone gave me back my voice using magic. So that’s nice.


M: Geez, that’s a lot to put on a profile… If people want to hear my life story so bad, maybe I should make a biography.

My Appearance


chonky birb


Here I am! I belong to my writer, so please don’t try and make a duplicate of me. Thanks to @SporkSpagel on Twitter for this! Also, I know what you’re thinking. I’m aware I’m chubby…


If you can’t see the image, click this link.





Yeah, here I am! I like this pic. My wings are roughly 11 feet across, and my tail is equal to my height. So over 5 feet long. This piece of artwork belongs to my writer, and was made by @Dinosaurium on Twitter. Please don’t steal this artwork or use it for your own character!


There’s new art of me coming soon, and I’m super excited for it! Stay tuned!


Q: Normal stuff. And also a nice little pocket knife I got from a sketchy pawn shop somewhere. For some reason it kills a little bit of the flesh around any wound it makes, which I guess is a nice touch.


M: All the stuff I need, I guess. I like to carry a couple of concealed hatchets on me as well. They make great tools for making fires and stuff like that, and they’re also great for self-defense. I have quite a few pairs of hatchets, actually, along with the special one Qilaq gave me for my 16th birthday. Nobody lays a finger on that one.

My Secrets Are...

Q: I can’t resist honey. Wait. Hold on! Stop laughing! I’m aware I’m fat! Hmph, so mean…


M: I have a… well, decent* collection of machines, most of which are cars and bikes. I know that’s not a murder confession or anything crazy like that, but I don’t really tell many of my secrets. Plus I don’t like confessing to murders.


*decent is a vast understatement.