Intro Video


Look Back At It..

Who Am I...

Shade is a Gay Demon Male. His talents consists of Weaponry, Fire Shifting, and Flirty Comments..

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Shade doesn’t remember most of his past. Just has many memories of his siblings. 4 Older Brothers and Younger sister. -Age Order- (Bazzi, Russ, X, Bohnes, and Karizma. *Karizma has an Account*) Shade was mainly fond of his Training sessions with his Sister. Teaching combat. Making her the Young Lady she is today.

My Appearance

Shade is generally Hot. Gifted with Orange Sunset spiky Hair. Peachy skin and is Muscled and Built. He mainly wears long sleeves and jeans to cover most of his battle scars. Most females are annoyed with him being Taken, and Gay..


He doesn’t have much on him. Just 2 Desert Eagle pistols. Along with some Cigars..

My Secrets Are...

Fuck Off. I’m not telling you..

I Believe...

It would be a Sin, not to Sin..