The Hunters


Go in and clear them out

Who Am I...

We are a group of hardened hunters consisting of two teams

Romantic Interests

Master Chief: females subject delta:both genders. Isaac Clarke:guys the lone wanderer: females tank Dempsey: females. Richtofen:both genders. Nikolai:males and vodka. Takeo:?

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

We are two teams of soldiers and survivalists who banded together to hunt down dangerous creatures and humans who threaten the innocent our teams are 4 team members in both all together makes 8 members

My Appearance

Members: Master Chief, Isaac Clarke, subject delta , the Lone wanderer, Tank Dempsey, Edward Richthofen , Nikolai belinski , Takeo masaki


We use various guns and melee weapons and equipment for Killing monsters

My Secrets Are...

We are the thin blue line between humanity and monsters

I Believe...

In hunting