Zayn Wildflame-luciferson



NAME: Zayn Eno Wildflame

AGE: 26 (16 eons old)

HEIGHT: 9′ 8


EXTRA DETAIL: He has a trench coat which is basicly an armoury, it has a never ending  supply of guns and stuff. he can never die unless he wishes. he has a hidden tattoo that only appears on his male form, the tattoo is an upside down cross on fire, it is on the center of his back.


  • he can harden his body into armour plus how fast her can run he is like a cannonball
  • he can turn into anything imaginable including weapons
  • he was trained under many ways of fighting (Greek, Roman, tactical ETC.)
  • he is a great leader as he lead battles against many many enemies in war


NAME: Xari Kiltik Wildflame

AGE: 18 (8 eons old)

HEIGHT: 5′ 4


EXTRA DETAIL: she has white hair that goes down her waist, she has a black rose tattooed on her chest, she can draw really good and sing like an angel.


  • she learned BioFighting from ashlyn
  • she learned many ways of fighting (Greek, Roman, tactical ETC.)
  • she is very flexable thanks to her being a gymnast most of her short life
Who Am I...

The 'Dead' Brother of Ash WildFlame

Romantic Interests

Females and males

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The ‘dead’ brother of Ash WildFlame, he was revived with a will to protect, he was murdered by a bunch of people (i shall not say)

My Appearance

 Camo Hooded Trench Coat, Urban Camo Trench Pants, Black cloth covers his face,blond hair is disheveled over the cloth, hollow eyues peer around from underneath the cloth


two black, posioned, sword sheathed on his waist, two black revolvers above the swords

My Secrets Are...

Get out of my Head!

I Believe...

Even after death, Emotions are Achieved