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“Come with me and let us burn together in this hellfire”

The Devil an angel who fell Fell from grace for defying God and his kingdom. In her attempt to be like God or better than him. She was cast down to Hell alongside 3/4 parts of heaven angels turning themselves in Demons roaming the fiery pits. Where God didn’t hear them and the Lucifer ruled from those who are condemned alongside with her for eternity.


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Lucifer is charismatic Alluring and has a golden tongue. Her ability to bring people with her to hell is incredible. She enjoys suffering and torture on demons, humans and even herself. she despises everything about God and her mother she can’t stand it.  But even so, she walks into a church or religious places. Lucifer also enjoys the music she is talented in every aspect of it. She can play any instrument but her favorite is the Violin. On the other hand, Lucifer also loves being control in almost every situation there is only a few that she gives control away. One of those examples is intimacy with a rough partner. She also likes to break people and turn them into her side just like many in history.  Like Cain who killed her brother, the first woman Eve, Judas and recently even Supergirl. She will use anything at her disposal just to achieve that.

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Lucifer can manifest herself in anything she can also possess mortal bodies like animals and humans. Due to her time spent in hell, she is able to control fire. Lucifer is immortal and the most powerful of demons but still that she can be defeated. She also has control over the demons and condemned souls.. Lucifer is also has the ability to know the names of people their sins and what makes them suffer she can torture then in non physical manner. Despite her powers and abilities beyond mortals, Lucifer most powerful weapon is the golden tongue  her charisma and  way of speaking can make most of the people follow her or give themselves to her

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