– A thousand words wouldn’t bring you back, I know ’cause I tried. A thousand tears couldn’t bring you back, I know ’cause I cried-

Tigro simply wants to find a place where he belongs. Tigro is a half dragon, half cat

Who Am I...

Tigro, a dragon cat

Romantic Interests

Love? Um.. I don't think I'm ready.

Relationship Status

Single, and hoping to stay that way.

My Story Is...

I come from an ancient clan of dragon-lions, and I was the runt of the litter, a dragon-cat. I couldn’t breathe fire, or kill antelopes, but that saved me when the extermination happened. Tens of soldiers raided our camp, killing my family. It hurt, even to see my enemy’s blank, empty eyes. I thought that humans were invincable! Faultless and brave, immune to pain. I’ll learn. I’m currently in the Academy of Magicae, learning healing. But maybe that’s not all I’m doing..

My Appearance

A small dragon-cat with a brown pelt and black eyes. Love pets


Bottles upon bottles of tears as well as a collection of books

My Secrets Are...

I’m killing off NPC’s to collect magic and bring back his family. I’m also a vendor in the black market

I Believe...

" When all falls down, stand up"