– A thousand words wouldn’t bring you back, I know ’cause I tried. A thousand tears couldn’t bring you back, I know ’cause I cried-


Who Am I...

Tigro, a dragon cat

Romantic Interests

Love? Um.. I don't think I'm ready.

Relationship Status

Single, and hoping to stay that way.

My Story Is...

I come from an ancient clan of dragon-lions, and I was the runt of the litter, a dragon-cat. I couldn’t breathe fire, or kill antelopes, but that saved me when the extermination happened. Tens of soldiers raided our camp, killing my family. I was thrilled to leave my prison of hatrid. I thought that humans were invincible! Faultless and brave, immune to pain. I’ll learn. I’m currently in the Academy of Magicae, learning healing magic. Ironic huh? Dragons, terrible lizards, bringing fear. Then there’s me, a little ity bity dragon cat learning healing. What a mess.

My Appearance

Roughly the size of a large dog, I have a sand coloured pelt with thin fur thats suprisingly soft, long ears (I mean looong ears!) Small horns atop my head, and leathery bat-like wings.


A couple potions, antidotes, bandages, your normal healer’s kit, stuffed in with a couple books… Oh yea, and Sillic.

Books- French For Cats, Mortem et Avis, How to Tame a Demon and Croquet for Beginners and other sorts of fun, some which don’t make the most sense.

Sillic- A roughed up leather cover book with yellowing pages describing all sorts of evil. The cover is laden with glowering yellow eyes, and the inside cover has sharp, gleaming teeth. Not all that pleasant. Still, he’s a useful bastard.

All this is carried in a handsome leather satchel which can only be described as odd. There a multiple keychains, one being some red beads, another being a human finger, just bits and bobs of odd things. There are about a thousand pockets on it, some not even visible!

My Secrets Are...

I’ve definitely dabbled in dark magic, dabbled is an understatement. I was devoured, devoted, doing dark magic, and perhaps, I still am.

I Believe...

" When all falls down, stand up"