Elyss Lynthian


My Piece of Culture — Male Witch Aesthetics // Storm Witch ...

Who Am I...

Elyss Kira Lythian

Romantic Interests

Men. “Are you willing to become a father? Because I'm not giving up my child for love.“

Relationship Status

Single, not looking really. However, she isn't against a relationship.

My Story Is...

Her past is not something she’s willing to tell to just anybody; you’ll have to ask her.


[Current situation]


She was 2 months pregnant when her lover disappeared, leaving her worried, stressed, and confused. She had thought something had happened and was tempted to go back searching for him – the only thing stopping her was the fact that she was expecting. 


And then, she got the note. He vanished on purpose. He wasn’t coming back, and he didn’t want her to search for him. So, she didn’t, she isn’t, and she won’t. She’ll raise this child alone – without him. (She’s 6 months in at the moment.)


Authors Note;

The writer for Elyss’s lover left the site and informed me of such beforehand. So, yes, I did get permission to use this story.