Iessi Uoduoyh

Who Am I...

I am part dragon, part demon, part human. Invulnerable in every spot except for my eyes.

Romantic Interests

Girls with multicolored eyes, and colored hair. Nice, Loving, Charming, Cute.

My Story Is...

When I woke up one morning and found that I had become part demon. I went to a mythical pond and looked into it to see myself. As I was looking into the mythical pond I feel in at the Full Moons highest point in the sky. When I surfaced, I had multiple throbbings in my arms. When I looked at them, they were multiple colors. I could also hear voices in my head. It was later that night that I learned, I had the power of an infinite number of dragons.

My Appearance

Physical Description – Teenage boy, Brown Spikey Hair, Tall, Multi-Colored Eyes that change constantly.

Personality – Really doesn’t care about a lot of things, except people who are close to him, or things he wants.

Equipment – Has multiple weapons in each gauntlet. If he loses his mind or his temper, he goes into what is called Jugernaught Form. This is a bigger, faster, stronger, and scarier version of the larger version of what he can turn into. Can transform into multiple forms of each dragon. Either a small armored one with different colored armor than wings, or a giant, more dragon-like version of it.

Historical Background – Race is demon, dragon, and human. Has no other historical background that we know about.




My Secrets Are...

Secret to me and whomever I decide I can tell.

I Believe...

In almost anything.