Yes im feisty sometimes just don’t make me mad I will throw my knife at you…I don’t live with my ”parents” I live alone im living my best life don’t have a dom not sure if I can handle one O///^///O

Who Am I...

Im Jasmine

Romantic Interests

O///^///O I-EEEEEP

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Hi im Jasmine my friends call me kitten im seventeen and sometimes feisty, yes im an little I like stuffies, candy, and cuddles, im nice so treat me well… I started off normal until my parents started drinking my only comfort was my t-teddy bear people used me for my kindness I hated it I wanted to be normal until I met my friends they loved me for me…I take my knife with me because well protection people tend to hate me because im an little going to school really is an nightmare… I have a crush hes a dom and hes mine so don’t touch him I would hate to hurt you… other than that im nice most of the time hehe and…. some advise people always gone talk bad about you so if they don’t wanna battle then they just a dog with no bite but hella bark hehe anyways bye. ^o^

My Appearance

Well black dyed hair, blue eyes, red when im mad or about to go into wolf form.


My teddys, candy, my blanket, hoodies, and my knife

My Secrets Are...

I shall not tell -_-

I Believe...

Mr. teddys is alive