Loreli the Patron Goddess

Who Am I...

I am the small pleasant things. I am the small inconveniences. I am everywhere yet no where. I am somebody and nobody. I am the two conflicting sides and the harmonious whole. In short, I am Loreli, the Goddess of Balance, but I am known by my people as the Patron Goddess. Or, I was the Patron Goddess. I am now just Loreli, a humble sorceress.

My Story Is...

They have ordered me to leave and never return, so I have. My home. My people. I shall never see them again. My heart aches at the thought. I couldn’t stop him. I tried and tried. I never even landed one hit on him…

Upon my exile, I have noticed that the powers I once had are nearly gone. I can only perform basic magic now, and when I do, I’ve become drained, almost to the point of collapse. I am no goddess anymore. Just a normal sorceress. My wings have also disappeared. I shall miss flying. The feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, the adrenaline rush…

I have committed myself to train my magic. I may not be able to alter worlds again anytime soon, but I can feel myself growing stronger. I will find a way back home. And once I do, I will kill him with my own blade and restore what he has broken. I swear it on the elder gods.

Occasionally I will find myself thinking about home. I miss my fellow gods and goddesses. I miss the large marble palace and the beautiful rolling hills. But I believe what I miss most of all is answering the prayers of my people. I still receive them occasionally. I’ve been gone for two hundred years, yet they still pray. I use to be able to hear them so clearly, but now…now they’re like faint whispers.  Prayers asking for my guidance. Prayers asking where I’ve gone.  Asking if I’ve forsaken them. Whispers. Each and every one of them.

I wish I could appear to them. I wish I could tell them that I haven’t forgotten them. That I’ve been betrayed in the worst possible way  There’s just so much I wish I could say.

I find that writing in this journal seems to help ease my troubles, if only slightly. It is comforting to get my worries out on paper, but in the end, they are still present.

Until I can find my way back, I shall reside here. I must not look at my exile as a punishment, but a new experience and possibly a new beginning. May Lady Luck be on my side and may Karma serve justice.

My Appearance

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I am thankful that my appearance was not drastically changed due to my exile. I have heard stories of gods that were exiled and were forced to take on new forms…

It is obvious that my height has changed drastically. I guess it would be a little peculiar to see a giant woman walking around. My wings are not present anymore either. The right wing was pure white with speckles of gold, and the left wing’s feathers were an inky black with the occasional mix of a dark purple. Everything else is the same. From my pointy ears to my blue eyes.

I must admit I miss the protection my armor provided me. Or, do I miss appearing in it with my sword drawn valiantly? Either way, I would only be able to wear it in my true form, so I it does not matter too much. A kind older woman I came across gave me the yellow dress I wear. I told her I would bless her when I got back. She did not know what I meant and assumed I was a priestess. I remember her warm smile as she thanked me. I will not forget her act of kindness.

I occasionally wear a black cloak. It helps to keep unwanted attention at bay. It also helps to conceal my dagger. Though the cloak is helpful for hiding my weapon, my dress is quite hard to fight in for me. I admire those who can do so gracefully. To solve this problem, I switch to a tunic and pants whenever I head somewhere I feel I might need to protect myself. These were also a gift from the kind woman.


A small black journal containing my research and a few entries, and a small dagger with a silver handle. It has small engravings of the constellations on it, and a blue unidentifiable gem in the hilt.

My Secrets Are...

My secrets. Not yours.

I Believe...

That what goes around comes around.