Ronald Destuh

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Who Am I...

Ronald Destuh (Don't mind the last name)

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My Story Is...

Born in a tiny village with no name.  He grew up poor and his Father was never really there for him. mainly why is because his father was a merchant who went a cross the land trading. He most kept to himself while growing up but he did have a friend who was always there for him. Early into his teen years, a group of bandits attacked his village. The bandits killed his only friend. On that day he vowed to find the bandits who did it.  As he grew, he found he had a talent for making things. He made the mask he wears today and the dagger that’s always tucked into his robe. He also trained in the art of combat. He soon found the group of bandits who attacked his village. he then carried out the promise.  A couple days later he found himself at a tavern. A man in a dark robe walked up to him and asked him he would like a job as a mercenary. An urge told to him to say yes. Ever since then he as found being a merc is the best thing at could have happened  to him. But then..The robbed man came back to him. He told Ronald to follow him. Again the urge told him to follow. So Ronald did. The man led him to a dark wooded area. Men who looked like the robbed man step’d out. They pinned Ronald down and burnt a magical stone into his wrist. It gave him the power to teleport. They also burnt another one into his dagger. Then they said”Welcome to the Brotherhood.” Ronald now serves the Brotherhood.  Only a few months after he joined, he had dreams about a person in a gas mask. He or her also wore a black hoodie and leather gloves.  Around this beings chest are a strap of smoke bombs. When Ronald see’s this being, he feels…stronger. He is still trying to find a name for it. He also uses a magical sword he calls Fumus. It’s real name is the Sword of Chaos, But…Ronald hated that name.  The sword is able to kill anything it touches (As long if it’s NPC.) Well…At least anything with life in it. So most things.  And from what he seems, The little stone in his wrist, Gives him the power to walk through all sorts of existences. Earning him the title of Planeswalker.

My Appearance

Tall. Thin. Blues eyes but they are rarely ever seen due to his mask. A Silver metal mask. Brown hair. Black Boots. A dark, torn, and dirty robe.


A dagger. His mask. A bag of tools tucked away in his robe. Fumus, His sword.

My Secrets Are...

Secrets are a secret. It should stay that way.

I Believe...

We can do anything we put our minds to