Ronald Destuh

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Who Am I...

Ronald Destuh (Don't mind the last name)

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My Story Is...

Ronald’s story begins in a tiny village near Vienna, Austria in 1428. He was born and raised in the small and humble village. Unfortunately for Ronald, he had some…mental issues. He had a strange urge to kill. So, at the age of 6, he took to the woods to find any small animal, like a rabbit or squirrel, to kill. He wasn’t killing them so he could eat them. He was killing them out of blood lust. At least he wasn’t killing humans. Yet.  But as the years went by, his blood lust slowly went away. When he become a teenager, Ronald finally made some actual friends. They would go trophy hunting for big bucks. Ronald learned how to use a bow and arrow and skin animals. But, like every story, a unfortunate event took place. A group of  bandits attacked his village, killing everyone there. Well, of course they didn’t kill Ronald. He was hunting by himself in the woods while the attack took place. When he got back, he saw the village burnt to the ground. Bodies laid about. It smelt like rotting flesh. Ronald went looking for his mother. He found his house burnt down, but he heard a noise coming from behind a bush. He peeked around the bush, and saw a bandit trying to rape his mother. Ronald had seen the bandit left his dagger on the ground. Ronald picked it up, and felt the blood lust again. He grabbed the bandit and stabbed his repeatedly. The bandit soon laid dead. But, the urge to kill didn’t stop. So he turned around, looked at his mother, and killed her too. Only then did the urge go away. Ronald realized what he had done. He mourned, then buried his mother. Ronald swore he would find those men who had attacked the village, and kill them. Ronald trained with his bow, also with the dagger he got from the bandit. But as Ronald grew, he knew he was gonna need money. So he used to skills to become a mercenary. He had his own personal rules when to came to being a mercenary though. Never kill women or children and never make the death slow and painful. With the money he earned, he bought himself some new clothes. But his skills caught the eye of so called sorcerer. The sorcerer asked Ronald to follow him. Ronald obliged. The sorcerer led him to a cave. There, the sorcerer asked him he wanted amazing power and knowledge. Ronald nodded. The sorcerer then lifted his palm, revealing 2 stones. He grabbed Ronald’s wrist, and placed the stone on it. It slowly burned down into his skin, and it hurt like Hell, but it finally stopped. The sorcerer burnt the other one into the dagger. The sorcerer then led him inside the cave. Inside, it was lit up. Little houses hung along the walls of the cave. A training ring sat in the middle of the cave. Turns out Ronald joined a group known as the Brotherhood. Ronald thought the name could have been better though. But anyway, The Brotherhood’s job was to protect time and the Plains of Existence. This made Ronald a Plainswalker, which meant he travel through realms and the multiverse. He could also go forward in time and back in time. The Brotherhood taught him many other languages. They also taught him the cultures of each planet in every realm and universe.  The Brotherhood also gifted him with a mask. It was made out of silver, and one eye had X- Ray vision, which makes the eye look red. Ronald’s duty is to the serve the Brotherhood and protect the Plains of Existence!

My Appearance

Tall. Blue eyes under his silver mask. Wears a dark robe with a hood over his head. Also wears black boots.


A dagger and his mask.

My Secrets Are...

Secrets are a secret. It should stay that way.

I Believe...

We can do anything we put our minds to