Archibal Cheshire III


Powers and Abilities

Teleportation: The power to instantly move from one point to another.

Universal stepping: Cheshire is able to transport himself between universes via teleportation.

Clones: The ability to copy ones self physically. Each clone retains the personality and physical abilities of Cheshire. Clones become perfect copies at life 6 and are able to use illusionary magic at this level.

Transformation: The ability to change ones body as needed. Cheshire takes on the powers of the things he transforms into at life 8.

Levitation: The ability to float through the air as if one weighed nothing and move through it as such.

Object summoning: The power to pull objects across space and dimensions to the users location. Amount of objects summoned increases with each life lost.

9 lives (7 left)

4th wall awareness: Cheshire is aware that he, and most of those he interacts with, are fictional characters. Often speaking to his own narrator or the narrator of other characters for comedic effect.

Cartoon physics: Cheshires physiology can be like that of a cartoon character.

Mind eating: Cheshire consumes the consciousness of the target. Leaving them in a state of brain death. Absorbing their knowledge and skills as well as personality traits and memories. Too many minds, however, will cause him to start hearing their voices. Particularly stong minds will retain conciousness within him for a short time. The minds of the dying are easier to consume than the minds of the healthy and living. At life 4 can consume mass amounts of healthy minds at once.

Telepathy: The ability to communicate via thought.

Telekenissis: The ability to move and operate objects with ones mind.

Mind melding: The secondary step to mind eating. Cheshire sifts through the memories of the minds he’s eaten. Purging himself of their personalities while retaining their knowladge and skills. The more minds he sifts through, the longer the process takes. At life 3 this becomes a passive ability and the time to meld is expediated dramatically.

Posession: The ability to hide his.mind within another. Inactive posession allows him to simply ride along undetected while active posession allows him to take control of the hosts body. As a creature of thought, Cheshire can also use this to hide physically.

Mongekeyu Sharingaun: Eyes of the Uchiha terrorist that were gifted to him at the end of the Uchiha Terrorist Arch. Given that his own abilities naturally surpass those of the gekei genkai, the abilities are hardly used. However, every once in a while, he has been known to use the Amaturatsu and Susano. If only just for kicks or to get him out of a sticky situation.

Fae Lands Navigation: Due to his time with the Fae, Cheshire is one of the few non-fae individuals able to, not only traverse, but navigate through the far lands. Often coming and going as he chooses much to the anger of many Fae.

Fae magic resistance: Again, due to the amount if time he has spent around Fae and in the Fae realms, Cheshire has a natural resistance to fae magic and spells that are used against him. This includes charms and glamour.

Illusion Immunity: Cheshire is able to identify magic illusions as just that. As such, they don’t effect him.

Mind tracking: Cheshire is able to track individuals through their psychic presence. Allowing him to locate invisible hidden enemies or track down friends and rivals across long distances. At life 5 he is able to do so across universal and dimensional boundries.

Void Walker: Due to an adventure that exposed him to the void, Cheshire is able to traverse the void and call upon its powers when in need. Though currently he is only Void Touched, extensive use of this ability will eventually cause his heart and soul to be consumed. Wherein he will become a fully fledged being of the void itself.

Cats Eye: An ability that he developed with the help of the sharingaun, if anyone looks into his eyes, Cheshire is able to weaken their mental defenses. Increasing the potency of the Mental Matrix ability while weakening the victims resistance  to mental attacks.

Mental Matrix Manipulation: though known as an illusionist, Cheshire is able to rewrite neural functions of the targets brain so that they experience the illusion as though it were real. I.e. if a target believes they are on fire their body will develop mild burns where as if the target believes that they are trapped in an airless room, they will suffocate etc etc.

Living Restraints: With each life lost Cheshire’s perceptions of reality begin to lessen. With each death he grows madder and madder until all that he was is gone. However, there is a trade off. With each death his illusions become more and more real. Breaking the boundaries between what is and is not till they simply do not exist any longer. Though there are a few ways of ensuring that his life counter jumps straight to zero. Unless they are used, Each death he experiences, each time he drops a life, he becomes crazier yet more powerful than the life before.

God of the Mind: Should Cheshire drop to one life, reality will become what he makes it. The Matrix field blending with whatever reality he is in at the time and giving him complete control over it. At this point, Cheshire ascends beyond any comprehensive state and joins a tier reserved only for azathothian entities.

Who Am I...

Prince of the Dark Court. Scourge of the Faelands

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I Believe...

Reality is what I make it