Althea Rose

Who Am I...

I'm Althea Rose, currently going to college. I'm 23 and live in a tiny apartment.

Romantic Interests

Men & Women (Bisexual)

My Story Is...

My childhood wasn’t parents never showed me or my siblings any affection or even cared we were there. My older brother took care of me and my younger brother, until my brother left..and left me to care for my younger brother. Now I’m trying my best to basically be a “mother” and student.

My Appearance

I have shortish blonde hair with pale skin. I’m pretty slim for my age, being a broke college students and all. I have hazel eyes, but at times, they look green. My hair is naturally curly, but I’ll straighten it every once and awhile.

I Believe...

I believe that the world should be a peaceful place, not some rotten crime land.