‘How does a man like you get considered a hero?’, the voice asked.


Not every ‘hero’ prances around in a cape, and not every ‘hero’ is such a nice person.” Faux replied.



14th of November, 2013.
Police reports detail a man, at around six-foot-one, in all black – constantly doing what the Law refused to do.


17th of April, 2015.
The Justice System is announced to be ‘flawed’, and yet, will continue it’s current procedures until a rework is completed – this rework is said to take years and years of restructuring and re-evaluation of all current offenders of Government Law.


26th of June, 2022.
The Justice System had been reworked from the ground up, at the same time as an interplanetary emergency called ‘The Maelstrom’. Hundreds of individuals all over the world are effected, either becoming mindless, mutated beings or possessing new, incredible psionic capability.


The Justice System goes through another brief rework, and several of these psionically-gifted idividuals are drafted, becoming the new world’s ‘heroes’ against a wave of Crime unlike those seen before, along with being given the duty of taking on the globe’s state of emergency.


I was one such hero. Before I ended up here.


Where the hell is ‘here’.

Who Am I...

A Hero who doesn't deserve the title.

My Story Is...

“..that I’m just another man in a world full of mystery.”

My Appearance

A blackened apparel with a onyx-tinted mask of steel.
Erebus - Cyberpunk dystopian light up helmet by TwoHornsUnited


Pistols of a peculiar craftsmanship.
A suit of armour, altered to fit his needs.

My Secrets Are...

“…mine. Not yours.”

I Believe...

"..that the weak deserve to be protected, most of the time, that is."