Angel Orion

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–Character Info–

Orginal Full Name:

Angel “Jazzie” Orion



DOB:July 27th

Magic:Inferno & Electric

Species:Shadow,Dragon,Human Hybrid

Weapon Of Choice:

The Symbol Mace

Who Am I...

Angel The Inferno Mage

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The Daughter Of Jace Orion

July 27th,When I was born and i am The 2nd Strongest Skymoon in existence below Amelia Skymoon…My Grandmother..The Magical Of Smoke,Power and Darkness..Her 3rd power is given by the process of returnment

Hierance or MBD Laws?

Inferno Magic AKA Color Fire gifted to me by my Father’s strange abitlies.

Electric Magic From My Mother.With My Slibbings Inflamed and Goldwing..From there i decided to find out the truth and discover the freezing point..

Bella & Tina

One Day,On My 7th Birthday..I Meet My Half-Sister:Bella Idaryum-Coldstone and Her Daughter Tina. A strong Duo when messed with.

My New Mentor

Fox Tales, Daughter Of The Chef.Taught me my lady manners and how to fight and today to this day I’m still learning.

With her help,i have designed my Armour and choosen to an Architect

Meeting My Nanny AI

My Mother feared I was growing up too fast,so she enlisted a bot to care for me to her desires which was a completely different age group but now she’s my God-Mom

My Appearance


Blue Eyes

Brown Hair

Casual Clothes

Red Jacket

Black Shorts

White Socks

Black Shoes


Northern Tribe Skirt and Top

Skin Colored Nano Fiber Battle Protection


Earring Commucations

My Secrets Are...

I don’t think I should have any but the strongest helps the weaker ones

I Believe...

The End is impossible to those who make it not possible