Heavy, dark, kinky, or triggering topics are used a lot with this character. DO NOT interact with him if stuff like that will bother you.

Who Am I...

A guy who goes by Manic and doesnt know what the fuck to do with his life but continues to live it. Im compleatly insane and cover up my past and present emotions with humor and charm.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

long, triggering, and not something I’m going to share with just anyone.

My Appearance

Dark black hair, all black clothes, and tanned skin. Ice blue eyes that are so bright they are almost white. He’s average height and looks two years older than he really is. Most people say he looks like death himself. Although he’s young,  black and white tattoos are printed on his body and he has snake bite piercings and a deep soothing voice. Despite his stand out featured, he tends to blend into the crowds or fades into the corners of the room, which he prefers. Manic is out of the closet and he ain’t goin’ back in.

My Secrets Are...

not going to be shared

I Believe...

should not be breathing, for the worlds sake.