Iris Ivy Slayter (Tamms)

Who Am I...

Blind and a mixedbreed that is taboo but that is not all I am or all I will be. I am a mother and a warrior. I am whole and broken. I am…

Romantic Interests

For me and them to know

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My own now.

My Appearance

Eyes: silver in color and useless to see with.

Hair: Long waves of dyed dark purple at the moment that goes down to the lower back.

Ears: hidden in said hair can be found cat ears.

Skin: sunkissed

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 190lbs

Lean and toned

A scar runs through the right eyebrow in a diagonal slash that misses the eye itself. Her arms are lightly peppered with more.


Carries three blades that are visible. Two of which are ornately decorated and are worn crossed at her back for easy draw. The other sits in a thigh sheath on the right side.

Caries a messenger bag with odds and ends such as note books, pens, pencils, and drawing pads at the very least.