Vik Khristian

Who Am I...

Vik Khristian…Vik is fine, to heck with the Khristian part

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

You can try it on…one way or another I tend to rub people the wrong way eventually.

My Story Is...

A stranger to this land, arriving by one of those magical disc teleportation thingies.  My home is or was forgettable enough that I have no interest in figuring out how to get back.  It was an island nation and on catamarans is where I spent my formative years.  I can navigate life on the sea just fine, it’s dry land that gives me issues.  I’ve a propensity for taking on the odd jobs, with an emphasis on the odd.  I’m human, I can die, and have already on 6 different occasions (that’s another story).  I used to think something was keeping me here, spent years searching for truths and answers only to find flagons, taverns, knaves and harlots.  I don’t look anymore.  I’ve accepted what is and ignored what shall never be.

My Appearance

Like any human male I suppose.  Light brown hair that needs to be cut, emerald green eyes.  I’m not too tall or too short, I’ve been told that I’m lean or wiry, whatever that means.  I like hoods, and typically wear them up even when indoors.  Sometimes I shave three times a week, sometimes one time every three weeks.

Of course if you can see me, you probably don’t need me to go on..

My Secrets Are...

hidden in a box and were thrown into the sea.

I Believe...

things just happen with no greater reason or meaning.