Ishga the mad king



upon being hurt in any way I go into a berserker rage also my skin is extremely thick

Who Am I...

The mad king of orcs

Romantic Interests

What is love is it the burning feeling of my heart or is it the itchy feeling on my skull

Relationship Status

Single as the moon

My Story Is...

What why are you here why are you bothering me oh you want to hear my story well you better have the right payment, ah so you do you have Buttons so since you paid I will tell you my story but after I tell you it you better scram or I will gut you know where to begin I was born into the wealthy Orcish family of Nogoth yes my father was not the king of  all but he was much stronger than that good for nothing dim headed Mazga for he was always jealous of my father but he never did anything for fear of the high council until one day he was able to frame my father for treason my father was brutally killed so I repaid the favor I took out Mazga eyes cut off his head and stuck a bag of coins in his mouth so I became the next king of the orcs, oh everything was fine and dandy I was going to leave Mazga family alone until a year passed by and Mazga wretched wife came into my thrown room singing praises of mighty battle prowess like a fool I baught into it and then it happens she hit me with what she thought would be a curse her spell raveged my mind turned me insane oh how she thought it would teach me for my brutal dethroning of the previous king oh boy was she wrong my eyes were finally open I saw what I had to do I killed all of hers and Magaz family and then I had her thrown into the dungen of my castle Martar the high council was scared of what I have become so they tried to have me killed now you might be asking youself what did you do next Ishga oh I will tell what I did I beheaded each and every one of those old geezers I soon got the nickname Ishga the mad king for many reasons some of those reasons were for my increased agression or my random out burst into songs mutterings and saying random things like buttons or sticky glue people fear me but don’t worry I have decided I won’t gut you I like you feel free to come back any time you want oh I forgot to tell you I am from the most brutal feared and blood craving orc tribe the sluaghter tribe

My Appearance

Dark blue skin bright glowing yellow eyes white crooked very sharp teeth long black hair pulled back into a ponytail that ends at the bottom of my neck I wear a silver blood stained amulet my body is stained with blood the armor I wear is a light brown sleeveless leather blood stained chest plate my hands are wrapped in bloody wrappings I also have green cloth pants and black boots strap to both of my sides are two crooked swords and resting across my back is a bloody battle ax


bloody battle ax and two crooked swords