Ashlyn Wildflame

Who Am I...

she is a nobody

Romantic Interests

Male and Female

Relationship Status

she is married to Kyodey (koda)

My Story Is...

The name is Ashlyn Wildflame, I was know for my mistakes… turns out they are fake…. all of them, she is just a mortal (Maybe), the ashlyn alot of people knew had powers and well was just a fucking ass, Me (the real ash) well im opposite in more ways than one, but the main difference is, Split (ash everyone knows) Has powers, Im…. Different

My Appearance

Brown Hair

Brown eyes

A leather crop top jacket over A white one shoulder and black ripped jeans

Her right forearm has Tattoos that look like Gruesome Scars, they are done so perfectly they look real, Her left forearm has “SPQR.” 

her right palm has an eye in it it looks like it fell and cracked her hand, Her left palm has words that were carved in with a flaming knife: Legatus Legionis



A black Shirt that flows way to long on her, black jeans, and a black beanie with holes cut out to show off her horns which fade from black to red


a black pinstripe dress, black pinstripe leggings and a black top hat, she holds a black cane and has a devilish smile adressed with red/amber eyes (black eyes at times)



she has everything inside of her jacket

My Secrets Are...

You’d never understand me, you’d never care for me again if you knew

I Believe...

self hatred is a way to perserve past anger