Ashlyn M. Wildflame


I dont blame anyone

I did this to myself

its my fault

everything is my fault


~Ashlyn M. Wildflame



NAME: Ashlyn Maria Wildflame

AGE: 19 (15 centuries old)



EXTRA DETAILS: Ashlyn has hair that reaches the floor when not tied up, he has dark brown eyes (grey at times), her feet and arms are made of vines, she has anxiety and depression, she has whip lashes all over her torso, the base of her neck has a tattoo of a tree. she can summon her writer from his earth to hellifyno. she can play the guitar with crazy amount of skills (other instruments aswell)


  • she mastered the art of Biofighting at a young age
  • she’s flexable which helps her out in battle
  • she was trained under many ways of fighting (Greek, Roman, tactical ETC.)
  • she is a great medic being able to use BioFighting to heal any wound
  • she is able to bend shadows at her will to protect herself
  • she can self explode herself to clear out an area of people
Who Am I...

she is a nobody

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

At a small age ashlyn had went through horrid things, her mother being killed by hunters, her father being captured and sent to a concetration camp,her many encounters with death, her time in many wars. where she watched her comrades in the Vietnam war get burned by a napalm, her friends in WWI getting shot in the head by a german sniper, WWII where she was nearly killed, The Korean War where she was beaten shitless. she has good memories like when her love proposed to her, she met her friend Lyth. mostly dark memories fill her head, she has a suicidal mind, full of dispare and hatred.

My Appearance


Image result for cute anime girl with brown hair and deer ears

she has short Brown Hair, she has Dark Chocolate Brown eyes, she has long Dark Chocolate Brown tail, she wears a black under shirt and a grey shirt she has pale skin and black glasses.


Image result for cute anime girl with brown hair and deer ears

she wears a dress of autumm leaves, she has light brown hair which are braided down her back she has twisted dark brown antlers and elf like ears


She has everything she needs in her jacket

My Secrets Are...

if you make physical contact with me (hug or poke) when my PTSD Gets REALLY BAD it will teleport us there


(EX: you hug me and my ptsd is something like The Korean War where I was beaten senseless we will be teleported to that moment and forced to live it and take the agony that was dealt with it)

I Believe...

self hatred is a way to perserve past anger