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      Full Name: Izzabelle Kolich-Cooper

      Pronunciation: Iz-A-Bell Kol-Itch Eoop-Er

      Nickname/Alias: “Izzy” “Kol” “Cooper” “Iz” “Izkol”

      Meaning: “Does it really matter, it’s just my name -sigh-”

      Origin: Thought it sounded neat.

      Title: Mechanized Response Operator (MRO)

      Pet Name: “Screw”, earned it because she got overly worked up about losing a screw on the first day on the job. Doesn’t mind “babe”

      ID Number: MRO-17

      Signature: Cursive, neat, small, reads: “Izzabelle K”

      Gender: Female

      Gender Role: Feminine

      Orientation: Bisexual

      Real Age: 23

      Age Appearance: Looks her age

      Birthday: 2nd October, 2103

      Deathday: “No.”

      Birthplace: UK, earth, moved to the USA when she was young.

      Astrological Sign: Libra

      Zodiac Sign: Dragon

      Species: Human

      Ethnicity: Caucasian

      Blood Type: AB-

      Preferred Hand: Right

      Facial Type: Diamond/oval

      Eye Color: Steel grey

      Hair Color Purple

      Hairstyle: Short bob with bangs that cover her forehead.

      Skin Tone: Pale

      Complexion: Fair

      Makeup: Sometimes, only usually on formal occasions.

      Body Type: Mesomorph

      Build: Fairly slim, lightly defined muscles.

      Height: 66 inches

      Weight: 120lbs

      Cup Size: 34D

      Facial Hair: None

      Birthmarks/scars: Burn scar on back, electrical burn scar on left arm.

      Distinguishing Features: Purple hair, but she doesn’t stand out in most crowds.

      Style: Casual, maybe a tad revealing to some

      Mode of Dress: wears casually, but changes with the occasion.

      Grooming: Well-kept

      Posture: Relaxed, maybe slightly impatient, though.

      Gait: average

      Coordination: Decently fit, fairly quick reflexes

      Habits and Mannerisms: flicks hair out of face, rubs her thighs, chews lip

      Scent: usually at work- sweat. Offwork- lavender. She thinks it’s a pretty good smell.

      Current Residence: Very recently lost her home

      Community: N/A anymore

      Family: Deceased, previously had: Mother, Father, Younger brother.

      Friends: All are currently dead.

      Enemies: A33-2, A33-1

      Bosses: None at the moment, deceased.

      Followers: None, deceased.

      Heroes: Her mother and father, and her former team leader

      Rivals: Wishes she had someone to compete against.

      Relates to: “it sucks when most of the people you relate to die, huh.”

      Pets/Familiars: Used to have a cat and a dog. Oh- and a lizard. But, they’re all gone now. Just like everyone else.

      Lovers: Haven’t gathered the theme yet. It doesn’t matter anymore. Though she always hopes to meet someone new.

      Marital Status: Available/single.

      Morals: “we have to try and help people. I have to stop this thing, it’s just the right thing to do, nobody deserves to have what happened to me- happen to them.”

      Crime Record: Nothing, as of now.

      Motivation: Revenge, sense of duty.

      Priorities: Finding some info on A33-2, hunting it down, terminating it, and then finding somewhere to stay.

      Philosophy: “we all come from the same primordial sludge. It’s a shame some people act like the sludge came from an asshole instead of heaven.”

      Main Goal: “Gotta stop that thing from killing anyone else” (feels she needs to kill August)

      Minor Goals/Ambitions: Make allies, find a home

      Career: Mech pilot- oh wait, that is her job.

      Desires: Friends, and a new family, mostly. Money would help a fuck-ton though.

      Powers/Abilities: Has no magic/abilities

      Origin: N/A

      Source: N/A

      Ability: N/A

      Weaknesses: Doesn’t like being in deep water, somewhat afraid of heights.

      Immunities: N/A

      Alternate Forms: Nah

      Extra Anatomy: None

      (Will happily tell more IC!)

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