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The last photo Keko has of her mom and dad

Has a sister but never found her yet…

Who Am I...

A person who keeps to herself, I'm only different when I'm around people I trust

Romantic Interests

Go Away

Relationship Status

Engaged to Leon

My Story Is...

I’m Korean and Japanese 

Grew up to take care of myself, doesn’t trust anybody, my parents abandon me, Sibling? Left me too. Been Abused from my ex. I can fight but only for good reasons and to protect my self..Friends? My 1 and only best friend Jax Even though he’s a pain Keko still loves him like family.Grew up with nothing and learned how to defend for herself. Cursed by birth, kept that a secret from her best friend. I live in the woods to keep away from any social contact. Dropped out from School and learned her own ways. I’ve been running all my life, never stopped to settle down for anything, I try my best to not let things anger me so I don’t turn into what I wished I’d never become I fight a lot and yell a lot, I can be a sweet and caring girl at times but when I’m not I Isolate myself from everyone. 


Birthday: 1997.09.03

Age: 22

Weight: 48 kg

Likes: Music, the park, cherry blossom trees,COFFEE, Little kids. 

Dislikes: Idiots, people who think their higher than others.

My Appearance


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Black charcoal hair

Red crimson eyes

Pale Skin

Birthmark on Left Hip

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Keko’s sister

Black charcoal hair

Purple Eye

Tan skin

Birthmark on Right hip


How to survive on her own

My Secrets Are...

Don’t piss me off and I might tell you…

I Believe...

Forever we are young