Who Am I...

Jack, just Jack

Romantic Interests

Yes, I have interests in the romantic

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

“Sometimes, the lies become truth, an illusion is so pure and well done, it becomes reality. This is my art and my life’s study.”-JackIn a city like many others, a boy was born. Just like the millions in all the other cities in all the other worlds.From an early age Jack sought to set himself apart from the millions of others around him. The young Jack lived on the street and survived with his quick wit and swift hands always making up fantastical stories of his past and where he had been.Eventually he fell under the tutelage of a street magician obsessed with finding real magic. His master’s obsession inspired Jack’s own. However where his master had no magical talent, Jack was a prodigy. Capable of performing spells only after a short time of studying them Jack had found what set him apart, and he never let go

My Appearance

A well worn leather duster covers most of his body. Underneath he wears a white button down and a dark colored vest that matches his tailored pants.His longish scraggly blonde hair is kept under tenuous control by his plain looking leather hat, who’s wide brim works well to cover Jack’s brilliant blue eyes from others and helps him blend in with any crowd, and a leather tie in his hair.Other than his chivalrous appearance, Nearly every inch of his skin is covered in intricate life like tattoos, which if anyone asks, are part of his trade.


One soul, a locked trunk full of magician goodies, a magic compass, and a magical copper bracelet that doesn’t come off. A silver necklace with one glowing blue stone and many intricate figures carved into it.