Who Am I...

I am a simple man, i want nothing but to show the world my shows.

Romantic Interests

I perfer men,

Relationship Status

currently i stand with no one

My Story Is...

I was a great show man, top of the world, famous for my acts and magic, But i fell for the greed of the show and fell to my own.

My Appearance

‘t I stand tall, a mess of emerald hair and typically wear my light white mask. I’m very pale and lean, i’m usually found in nothing but a dark tee shirt and rough pair of jeans. I’ve given up on my usual attire, it doesn’t suit me anymore.


I possess a deck of cards, an assortment of potions, My mask, my cape, My bag of holding an da list much more.

I Believe...

the world does not need me anymore, I believe i have burned my usefulness.



Video Playlist