Jade Angeldragon is a 41-year-old Owner  of Angel-Dragon tattoo shop who enjoys sword play. photography, videogames and eating out. She is confident and loyal, but can also be very shy and a bit frustrated.

She is a Halfling who defines herself as straight. She started studying law at college but never finished the course.

Physically, Jaded is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with Fair skin, pink hair and blue eyes.

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. After her father died when she was young, she was raised by her mother

She is currently with Ben Ronnie O’Doherty. Her last romance was with novelist  Alexander Nathan Price, who was 3 years younger than her. Alexander died in 2014.The papers reported the cause of death as an accidental overdose

Jade has three boys with late husband Alexander: Drakonious 20, the twins Raven and Hawk 18.

Jade’s best friend is an intern at a law firm called Ada Patel. They are inseparable. She also hangs around with an intern at a law firm called Max O’Connor. They enjoy bonfires together.

Basic Information

Name: Jade Angel Dragon

Nicknames: Angie, Jade, JD

Age: 41

Date of birth: 04/25/1979

Star sign: Taurus

Nationality: Irish/Norwigen

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Social class: Upper-Middle class

Religion: Sage

Sexuality: Straight

Education: Some college

Course: Business Law

Political views: Apathetic

Relationship status: Taken

Career paths: Business / Law

Physical characteristics

Height: 5’3″

Shape: average with curves

Build: fine build

Hair colour: pink (naturally Blond)

Eyes: blue

Face shape: long

Glasses/lenses: none

Distinguishing marks: none

Other words that might be used: average, fair, moderate, normal, ordinary, pink-haired, punky


Positive characteristics: confident, loyal

Negative characteristics: shy, frustrated

Words often used: confident, frustrated, loyal, shy

Other words that might be used:

allegiant, assured, baffled, bold, capable, certain, chauvinistic, cocksure, confident, constant, convinced, defeated, deficient, diffident, disappointed, discomfited, discouraged, doglike, faithful, fast, firm, flag-waving, foiled, frustrated, insufficient, intelligent, jingoistic, leal, loyal, nationalistic, overconfident, patriotic, positive, reassured, self-assured, self-confident, shy, smart, superpatriotic, sure, surefooted, thwarted, true, and sarcastic

Moral: not at all

Stable: sometimes

Loyal: very

Generous: sometimes

Extrovert: not at all

Compassionate: sometimes

IQ: 119

Hobbies: sword play, photography, videogames, eating out, camping, listening to music, learning new fighting abilities, and going through her spell books.

Diet: eats meat

Favourite foods: Italian, Mexican, anything with meat

Allergies and intolerances: none


2000-2017 worked at Blaney and Rochester as admin assistant.

2018-Present: Owner of Angel-Dragon tattoo shop.


Early years: Jade grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. After her father died when she was young, she was raised by her mother

Formative years

Jaded got her first job as a admin assistant at age 20, started college but quit part way through the course when she found out she was pregnant with Drakonious.

Jade and Alexander then married on March 25, 2000, Alexander was the love of Jade’s life till he passed away in June of 2014.


Drakonious Lee Price

Age: 20

Birthday: April 18, 2000

Relation: Son

Occupation: Student


Alexander Nathan Price

Raven John Price

Age: 18

Birthday: December 5, 2001

Relation: Son

Occupation: soldier


Alexander Nathan Price

Hawk Alexander Price

Age: 18

Birthday: December 5, 2001

Relation: Son

Occupation: Soldier


Alexander Nathan Price


Alex Patel

(Lifespan: 1979 – present)

Relation: Friend

Occupation: Novelist

Age: 41

Relationship: They are inseparable

Aidan Catherine Gonzalez

(Lifespan: 1981 – 2007)

Relation: Friend

Occupation: Senior programmer

Age: Died in 2007 aged 26. (Would have been 39.)

Cause of death: infection of the brain

Relationship: They got on well most of the time

Max Lindsay O’Connor
(Lifespan: 1981 – present)

Relation: Friend

Occupation: Personal trainer

Age: 39

Relationship: They are inseparable


Rosalie Hattie Dragon (née Sanchez)
(Lifespan: 1957 – present)

Relation: Mother

Occupation: Driver

Age: 63

Relationship: Generally harmonious.

Miguel Juan Angel-Dragon

(Lifespan: 1954 – 1986)

Relation: Father

Occupation: Personal trainer

Age: Died in 1986 aged 32. (Would have been 66.)

Cause of death: cancer

Relationship: She idolises him.


Karen Joanne Sanchez
(Lifespan: 1973 – present)

Relation: Half sister (shared mother)

Occupation: Soldier

Age: 47

Relationship: Jade has always looked up to Karen.

Belle Adam Angel-Dragon

(Lifespan: 1977 – present)

Relation: Brother

Occupation: Politician

Age: 43

Relationship: They get on well most of the time.

Former Partners

Jesse Scott Green
(Lifespan: 1968 – present)

Relation: Ex-boyfriend

Occupation: Journalist

Reason for breakup: Jade caught him cheating

Age: 52

Relationship: Would rather see him dead

Ben Ronnie O’Doherty

(Lifespan: 1976 – Present)

Relation: Ex’s Best friend

Occupation: Tattoo artist

Age: 42

Relationship: Current Boyfriend

Alexander Nathan Price

(Lifespan: 1982 – 2014)

Relation: Late Husband ( 14 years : 2000- 2014)

Occupation: Novelist

Age: Died in 2014 aged 32. (Would have been 38.)

Cause of death: accidental overdose

Political Views

Abortion: undecided

Racial equality: open

LGBTQ rights: open

Subsidised healthcare: against

Gun control: pro

Nuclear disarmament: all for it

Death penalty: all for it

Tax cuts for the wealthy: all for it

Protecting the environment: all for it


1979: Age: 0 Jade Dragon is born

1986:Age: 2 Father, Miguel Juan Dragon dies aged 32 (cancer)

1995: Age: 16  Gets together with Jesse Scott Green.

1999: Age: 19 Breaks up with Jesse when she caught him cheating.

2000:Age: 20 Starts work at Blaney and Rochester as admin assistant

2000: Age: 20 Married Alexander Nathan Price. April 18 of that year Drakonious was born.

2001: Age: 22 The twins Raven and Hawk were born.

2007: Age: 28 Friend, Aidan Catherine Gonzalez dies aged 26 (infection)

2014: Age: 35 Alexander passes away after a simple knee surgery, autopsy ruled it and accidental overdose, Jade thinks the hospital is covering up the actual cause of death.

2016: Age: 37 Gets together with Ben Ronnie O’Doherty.

2017: Age: 38 Resigns from job as admin assistant at Blaney and Rochester.

2018: Age: 39 Opens Angel-Dragon tattoo shop

2018: Age: 39 Drakonious graduates from high school.