Jadis – The Tome Collector

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Who Am I...

The Tome Collector

Romantic Interests

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My Story Is...


Jadis is an aspiring witch who wishes to make a name for herself among the great magic users of history. She specializes in collecting various spell tomes, constantly stealing them for her own personal gain. She also has a bit of sorcery spells thanks to her distant bloodline.

She is selfish and rather reclusive. Anyone unfortunate enough to associate themselves with her could easily end up being used as a pawn in her plans. Other lives are not valuable to her except as tools for desires. She will claim and use any means necessary to be a legend.


While not much is revealed about the witch’s history, she seems to have deep roots in the city of Kili Toda. Of course, she hasn’t bothered to return there for quite a while.  After it reemerged at the end of the Ar’Elian Saga, she made a habit to focus on her collection travels more than anything.

My Appearance

Skin: Pale
Build: Tall (6 ft 6 in) and very robust, curvy but certainly not overweight
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Waist long dark blue hair, usually kept up in a ponytail
Usual Attire: Dark corseted top that shows off plenty of skin, a long slitted skirt, and tall high heeled boots. Often seen with her pointed hat, a staple of witch culture. Belt always holds whatever spell tome she’s currently working with and her magic transforming dagger, for easy access.


A holding bag that carries:
-A large collection of spell tomes, ‘collected’ over the years through unpleasant means
-Camping equipment (tent, cookware, sleeping bag, rope, etc.)
-Reagents for spells and potions
-Extra clothes


-Current tome in use
-A magic dagger that can transform into a much larger sword

My Secrets Are...

I don’t care what you think of my actions. I only care about achieving greatness, whether fame or infamy.

I Believe...

Morals are overrated.