James Graywolf

Who Am I...

I am a man who wants to always be strong enough to protect those who need me. I will do what I know is right regardless of whatever anyone else thinks about it.

Romantic Interests

I don’t have anyone special at the moment but I am open to the possibility.

My Story Is...

Since I was a boy I lived in a small village. I was nothing special, just another peasant boy happily living in my woodland home. But as I grew older I found myself getting into fights. Just like anywhere else my town had a few bullies but seeing them mistreating people who wouldn’t or couldn’t stand up for themselves made me angry. Early on I definitely lost more fights than I won but since then I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’ll fight as many battles as I have to, and as long as people need me I’ll keep getting stronger for their sakes.

My Appearance

I’m about six foot or so. I have dark brown hair that I keep short enough to keep it out of my equally brown eyes. It’s usually unkempt but that’s because I work more often than I go to parties. I’m fairly strong, I mean I’ve done hard labor my whole life. Fortunately I’ve always had enough to eat so although I’m not bulky I’m not scrawny either.


I’m not rich but I have enough to get by. I keep my sword on hand with a dagger for utility. If I’m going into the woods I’ll bring my bow for food. My cloak keeps me warm and dry. I have what I need and for now that’s enough.

My Secrets Are...

When it comes to physical stuff I’m pretty resilient and resourceful but when it comes to dealing with people and personal things I’m kind of lost. Punch me in the face and it’s no big deal but I have a lot more trouble healing from emotional damage. Deep down I’m afraid of being rejected and being left alone.

I Believe...

I have to do what I know is right. And every should do something to help others.