The Black Swordsman


The Pentagon's 'Iron Man suit' is dead. It's tech lives on - Task & PurposeJames Perseus

Despite being used to suing swords, James is a great user of projectile weapons, ranging from snipers, to heavy machine guns to artillery. He is an elite spec-ops soldier who isn’t afraid to stick his ass in some deep shit, and pull it out himself just to kick some ass.

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating Menhera-Chan/Hera

My Story Is...

I have traveled far and fought many. I am one of the strongest people in my land. I have come here to grow stronger and to meet new people.

I am now using my skills to help protect my new home

My Appearance

17 years old Wears all black clothes, black cloak, black hair, black eyes, white skin.


Wears US military advanced suit (TALO  S) when in operations. Colors may vary.


Elucidator and Dark Repulser from SAO, Black bow that I can summon at will


M4 Carbine with green laser on side, foldable stock, a spitfire prism scope, 2 clips rubber banded together (Allowing him to flip to the next clip quicker. after that clip is empty he has to reload normally)

SIG Sauer with extended clip, laser, and RMR sights

My Secrets Are...

I am sometimes scared to fight because I scare myself

I Believe...

That anyone can get stronger if they have enough willpower