james king

Who Am I...

james king, a busnes man from new york

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

James king is a proud hard working money maker, he mostly works in the office but enjoys going to the police station to punish the crimanals there, he longs for a pet, after his parents took him away from his real family, and was thrown into being prober, even going so far as beating there own son when he got the slightest thing wrong, now he lives his life in a big empty house, looking for a new pet

My Appearance

James has short black hair, greased back nicely, hes about 6 foot, he has nice green eyes that draw people in, his lean muscular body that girls dream about, and is strong enough to fight off 9 people at once


he always carry’s around a multi purpose hunting knife

My Secrets Are...

I might be crazy, but im not going to tell you

I Believe...

fighting for what is yours