Skyler J. Yatsuki II

Intro Video


Skyler “Janna” Yatsuki The II

The Queen Of Evel’s Hells

My Birthday:June 9th


Powers:Moon & Sun

Race:Dragon,Devil Girl

My Family


Bone:Adopted Sister

Edna Thornson:Niece(Unresponsive)

Rylie Skymoon:Niece

Susan J. Skymoon:2nd Niece/Daughter Inn-Law

Amelia Skymoon:Niece

Jax Rosslynn:Ex-Spouse

Skye K. Celesttina:Firstborn Daughter

Nora Celesttina:Daughter Inn-Law(Deceased)

Sara Lone-Wolf:Spouse(Widowed)

Stacie A. Yatsuki:Daughter

Melissa L. Mystical:Wife

Sylvia R. Mystical: Daughter




Who Am I...

The Queen Of All Evel Hells

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My Story begins when I was old enough to have a thought process,So when I was 6 years old.

My Mother aka The Devil,Founded Swan 6 at this time only a few years after my father passed so I basically had to deal with an Arch Angel Being my Father figure..while my sister cared for me most of the time.

My Sister was a Goddess who my Mother took in who did have a Daughter named Edda but I mainly babysat her growing up,Thats how I self-taught myself which sometimes lessons from my family.

I later took over Rulership of the alternative version of Skymoon which was brought to Hellifyno and is now call The District Of Issy

When I started to reach the age of having my own family,I got a way for my ex to get her daughter:Skye and I put her behind bars for what she did to Skye when I got her back

Later in my life when Stacie was old enough,her mother got killed and I crowned her the queen of my Kingdom and then I vanished to rule the Evel Hells as a Act of Greif

My Appearance

~Appearance Of Skyler~

Clothing:Mother’s Royal Dress Redyed,A Leather Jacket,Evel Hell Queen Crown

Genetics:Pink Hair,Green eyes & 5’8ft

Extra:Hip Rapier Blade Case,Medium Hair,Femalish Body



~Contents Of Skyler’s Stuff~

Weapon:Pink and White Handle Rapier Sword

Extra:T.D.O.I Bracket Halo

My Secrets Are...

Well they won’t be Sercets if I told u,now would it?

I Believe...

Improving yourself,will not only benefit you but others