Everything had gone to hell. The golden age of the gods had come to an end, and the age of Heaven and Hell began to take it’s course. When the Messiah was crucified by his own people, he only remained dead three days before rising again. But when he did rise, it wasn’t to take revenge on those who had betrayed him, no he’d forgiven them. He had returned to put an end to the many pantheons of gods that had existed for so long. The people only needed one path to follow and thus he made it so. The pantheons had their different legends and prophesies that spelled their end, but little did they know, the Messiah was the origin of them all. When the Messiah came for the Greek Gods, they, more than any other pantheon, stood and fought, for they were the most prideful of all the gods.

Where most of the Norse Gods accepted their fate, their Ragnarok, the Olympians refused to go down without a fight. In the end, however, they were betrayed by one of their own, Hades, who agreed to help the Messiah imprison them in Tartarus forever in exchange for forgiveness and a place among the Messiah’s chosen. Thus the Olympians were cast into the Underworld and locked away forever. Most of them anyway. Like Loki, some of the Olympians found a way to escape, some were given a second chance by the Messiah, while others were saved by a hand more powerful than the Messiah. Those that did escape their fate cursed Hades for his betrayal, but not all things are as they seem.

When Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades found out that the Messiah was dead set on destroying their pantheon, the three brothers made preparations. However, much like when the two brothers cast Hades into the underworld to rule in the darkness while they ruled in the light, Hades was left in the dark when it came to his brother’s true plans. Both Zeus and Poseidon had brokered deals with the Messiah and his forces, betraying all of Olympus. The Messiah’s goal wasn’t just to destroy the Olympians, but to take the power of the Titans as well, most of all the power of Gaia. Hades raged, but did not know what he could do to change things.

That was when Apollo had come to him with stories of Eden, the true mother of all life, and a power that even the Gods themselves had long forgotten. At first Hades thought Apollo was out to trick him, as they had never been friends. However, his story began to make sense when he realized the true origins of the Messiah and his plans to eradicate the old Pantheons in favor of a single all powerful God. This one God would be the brother of Eden who was known as the Father of Light who was named simply God. Still Hades hesitated until he found out that not only did his two brother’s plan to betray them all, but they also intended to set the blame at Hades’ feet. With this knowledge, Hades agreed to listen to Apollo, who told him where to go in order to find his true path.

Hades decided to trust Apollo and made his way to a place called the World Vein, a place of power that dwarfed Olympus in every way imaginable. This alone caused Hades to feel an awe he had never thought possible. He was a God after all, one of the oldest. But this place made him feel like a child. He traveled the World Vein until he came to a place that sang to the core of his immortal soul. It wasn’t a place of peace and tranquility as Apollo had suggested, but a place of darkness and shadow. To Hades, however, this place was more beautiful than anything Apollo could describe. It was a place that mirrored every fiber of his being. Every since he had been cast into the underworld by his brothers, Hades had been a dark and solitary being. He had been bitter, and his thirst for vengeance had ate away at him for eons. Here, however, he seemed to truly find himself. Here he could embrace the darkness in all it’s purity. It was in this place that he met Eden.

This was not the Eden that Apollo had spoke of, yet it was. Communing with Eden, Hades learned that Eden was one of three unfathomable beings who had existed in the abyss before creation. Even after her brother God introduced light to the universe, and Eden herself created life within that light, Eden had also been apart of the purest darkness. This part of her did not cease to exist with the advent of creation, and was just as important as Eden’s other aspects. Hades came to know this part of her as Eden’s Shadow. Just as Apollo had found peace in Eden’s Garden of life, Hades found his own peace in Eden’s Shadow. Eden gave him a sense of true belonging, and for the first time he felt that his destiny was one only he could control. With the help of Eden’s Shadow, Hades finally cleansed himself of the hatred, self loathing, and loneliness that he had lived with since being cast into the underworld. No one would dictate his path but himself. Not his brothers, and certainly not this false Messiah.

Eden’s Shadow bestow upon Hades a new power, and a new purpose. In exchange, Hades would willingly become one of the great guardians of Eden’s Shadow, for in the future, there would be a great war between Eden and her brothers. Hades returned to Olympus and destroyed the Underworld. He made sure to send those he held dear to him to safety by using the World Vein with Eden’s permission. The reason he destroyed the Underworld was because it had been the key to locking away the Titans and their power. Even though his brothers still laid the betrayal of Olympus at his door, he no longer cared. After freeing Gaia’s essence and letting it escape through the World Vein, Hades himself disappeared. There were Gods such as Apollo and Hephaestus who knew the truth of the events that ended Olympus, but most still put the blame on Hades. In the end, it didn’t matter to him. Making his way to the realm of Eden’s Shadow, Hades became one of her Lords of Darkness, her strongest guardians, and prepared for the day that true war would come.

Who Am I...

Guardian of Eden's Shadow. Cultivator of the Infernal Origin Dao.

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Master: Tianwu Qiang

Dao: Infernal Origin Dao [Primary]

Abyss Origin Dao [Secondary]

Dark World Origin Dao [Secondary]

Time and Space Origin Dao [Secondary]

Scythe Origin Dao [Weapon Dao]


Cultivation Level: Infernal Emperor [World Level]


Sect: Divine Chaos Sect

Position: Second Leader


Exodus Iscariot – Void Apostle

Xion Erangar – Firmament Apostle

Valkyrie – Material Apostle

Minerva – Death Apostle

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In The Future