My Story Is...

During the fall of 1071 I was just a soldier sent off to war. I didn’t have any hopes of Glory or any true convictions, but I knew the money would help my family back home. Stuck on the front lines I only knew my orders and my desire to live and help those I’d befriended along the way. Like most though my journey was cut short by a stray arrow finding my throat.

As I fell back choking on my own blood I could see the feet rushing past me and in that moment I realized how pointless the war was. My anger grew in what i thought was my last moments and everything went black. Surprisingly I woke up what felt like a lifetime later, but as I looked around no time had passed and everything was frozen in time. My wound was healed and In front of me was a man casually sitting on the ground. He was looking down at the ground drawing symbols in the dirt as he gave me an offer. He would save my life and lend me his power if I accepted to host his spirit within myself