Who Am I...

A Nephilim

My Story Is...

You’d think being born with wings would make someone a freak, but when you’re the son of a king it just means you’re special. Well, Dorian isn’t really the king’s son, he is the bastard son born from an affair the queen had with what most agree must have been an angel, but he never met his real father and was raised by the man so he may have well been his father.


As the prince Dorian was trained in combat and given everything he wanted growing up and he did his best to give back to the people. When he wasn’t away leading the armies he spends his time hanging out around the city and helping out the citizens however he can.

With his father’s guidance and Dorian’s own tactical genius the kingdom had flourished and he has found himself with more and more free time and often wonders what it would be like to travel the world.



My Appearance

He is a young man that other than a couple small features looks normal. He has large wings coming out his back and his hair is a stark white which matches his eyes.