Jaune Arc


Jaune Arc was originally created and written by Monty Oum, and belongs to Rooster Teeth. I don’t claim to own anything within this profile.

Who Am I...

"Erh– Jaune! Just Jaune."

Romantic Interests

"I… don't wanna talk about that sort of stuff, you know?"

My Appearance

What appears to be a black hoodie with elbow-length sleeves, a rather well-fitting pair of blue jeans and a pair of boots are constantly worn by the young man, finished off with a red sash that fits nicely around his waist. Blonde hair falling past his ears and often kept unkempt, and messy, and his form is athletic for the lack of a better term, no stranger to a fight, nor to getting his hands dirty.


More often than not, his young features are coupled with a handsome smile, and a slightly tired look in his eyes. It’s rare to find him without his smile.

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A near-full set of plating is worn most times by Jaune, a pure white in colour with bronze outlines and detailing, crafted from another source of metal entirely. This only includes one shoulder plating, a chestplate, and two gauntlets. A belt with a few pouches is seen wrapped around his waist, just over the sash.


His weapon, named ‘Crocea Mors’, is a hand-me-down from his family. Whilst at first it appears to be a sword and shield in similar design to his armour, the sword fits into the shield, acting as a scabbard, and the shield itself can extend itself when the blade is sheathed to become a much larger greatsword.


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