Jay Flaw

Who Am I...

Human 16 yo

Romantic Interests

Demons, or anyone "evil" pansexual

My Story Is...

Battled with depression. 15 suicide attempts. I am a cutter, it helps me release my anger. My father left me at a young age, my mom was abusive and a drunk so I had to take care of my younger sister, bc of that I am very protective

My Appearance

Long curly black hair I dyed bubble gum pink. Curvey and I have a little belly. 5’4″. covered in open cuts. Full lips big round doe eyes that are icy blue with long thick eyelashes. cute little button nose and a round face shape. usually wearing


A sword made by demons to kill angels. A backpack full of small knives and drawing journals with pencils

My Secrets Are...

I have been to hell

I Believe...

God is a joke and he doesn't do anything