Susan J. Skymoon

Intro Video


Susan “Jayla” Spidercarb

Future Queen Of T.D.O.I

My Birthday:August 26th


Powers:Flash & Novas

Race:Werewolf,Human Girl

My Family:

Rylie Skymoon:Mother(Unavailable)

Hunter Spidercrab:Father(Arrested)

Heather Spidercrab:Aunt

Amelia Skymoon:Aunt

Andrew Pinkadow:Cousin (Deceased)

Alida Idaryum:Cousin

Jace Orion:Cousin In-Law

Abigail Angelang:Cousin

Mikayla Marie:Cousin

Silver Blake:Cousin In-Law

Courtney Adams:Cousin

Natalie Pinkadow:2nd Cousin

Ellie Haze:2nd Cousin In-Law

Bella Idaryum-Coldstone:2nd Cousin

Kira Cindel:2nd Cousin In-Law

Charlotte Shot:2nd Cousin

Celine Williams:2nd Cousin

Aila Motozi:2nd Cousin

Ally Marie:2nd Cousin

Inflamed:2nd Cousin

Goldwing:2nd Cousin

Alyssa Hageshi:2nd Cousin

Jasupa Atusia-Novu:2nd Cousin In-Law

Xavier Marie:2nd Cousin

Krystal Nagihira:2nd Cousin In-Law

Sierra Hakisuru:2nd Cousin

Lily Angelang:2nd Cousin

Myles Leonight:2nd Cousin

Amara C:Complicated Family Member

Julia Adams:2nd Cousin

Tina Sprout:3rd Cousin

Paris Netty’cou:3rd Cousin

Justice Hageshi:3rd Cousin

Kelsey & Kyle Marie:3rd Cousin

Skyler J. Yatsuki II: Mother In-Law

Stacie A. Yatsuki:Spouse

Skye K. Celesttina:Sister In-Law

Nora Celesttina:Sister In-law

Esther & Jack Celesttina:Niece/Nephew

Who Am I...

Susan The Future Queen Of T.D.O.I

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Enagaged To Stacie Yatsuki

My Story Is...

I was born to a strange family that barely expressed some things as my dad was a veteran and now video game developer however my mother was a ruler of the Skymoon Dynasty.However later in my life,my ex-uncle Aaron took my mother’s life which caused my father to go through a Chinese Culture phase leading to his arrest.Nowadays I just live with my Aunt Heather and wait I marry.

My Appearance

~Appearance Of Susan~

Clothing:Sweatshirt, Long Skirt,Socks & Skymoon Necklace

Genetics:Green Eyes,Brown Hair & 5’6ft

Extra:Long Hair, Femalish Body, Sythce Case


~Contents Of Susan’s Stuff~

Weapons:The Sythce Of Steven Skymoon

Extra:The District Commucation Brackets

My Secrets Are...

I am the last Skymoon alive besides my Aunt

I Believe...

That anyone can have a little faith in there heart