Justin Woods

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Who Am I...

A male 18 yer old, black hair, werewolf with black fur, and black eyes.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

When I was 15 my brother who is a mage (I am not and I had no magical power) turned our cat into a lion and scared me out of the house. I ran into the woods when I herd a whimper. I walked further into the woods to investigate the noise when a large wolf jumped on me, it tore up my abdomen and took a huge chunk out of my shoulder, then left leaving me for dead. My brother found me almost dead and took me home. That wolf changed me into a werewolf.

My Appearance

Black Hair/Fur, Black eyes, tall, buff, hot af (lol), mult


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My Secrets Are...

is a werewolf, anger issues

I Believe...

you can be what or who you want

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