General Kalindi


Name: Kalindi [Last Name Redacted]

Species: Human

Age: 20s-30s

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: Currently, None.

Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order

Rank: General, Jedi Knight

Masters: [Redacted]

Apprentices: None

Clone Unit: The 626th Legion [9,216 Troops]

Unit Color: Yellow

Kalindis’ Personal Platoon: Kol [Commander], Kova [Captain], Leven [Medic], Ace [Sharpshooter], Nero [Heavy Gunner], Sax [Explosives Expert], Kennex [Engineer/Pilot]

Astromech Droid: R3-S6 [Yellow, White & Silver]

Owned Items

Jedi Starfighter [Orange & Black]

Image result for orange jedi starfighter png

Lightsaber [Yellow]

Image result for Yellow Lightsaber png


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Small Bit of Backstory

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The 626th Legion
(The main faces of the unit – picture to be added)

CT-49604 Commander Kol; ARC Trooper

CT-86361 Captain Kova; ARC Trooper

CT-62274 Leven; Medical Officer

CT-54689 Ace; Sharpshooter

CT-52376 Nero; Heavy Gunner

CT-68647 Sax; Explosives Expert

CT-36021 Kennex; Engineer/Pilot