Who Am I...

Motumbe Jeeves.

Romantic Interests

None for the moment.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am Motumbe Jeeves, and I was abandoned in Africa (Region of Mpumalanga, formerly known as the Transvaal colony.) as a young child where I was found and adopted by a kind family. The only thing I knew of my original family was the surname, thus why my name happens to be Jeeves.


I was born in 1871, and I died when I was around the age of 10 give or take a few years and apparently ghosts don’t stop aging.. They just age rather slowly which I suppose is beneficial to me because eternity wouldn’t be quite so grand if stuck in the form of a child.


I was killed in an act of revenge, as was my entire family.. We were trying to stop poachers and after many successful attempts it became something of a short term war between my family and the poachers which ended with my family slaughtered and burned to ash in a pit..


I survived for another two weeks, waging a battle I couldn’t win against these poachers and ended up with several bullets in my chest as a result.. Then I was tossed into the pit littered with the ashes and remaining bones of my family where I eventually bled out and died.


After a few months a shaman resurrected me for the sake of allowing me revenge on those poachers.. I became a spirit of vengeance, and succeeded in my task but never passed on into a peaceful afterlife due to my actions. And now I am stuck, haunted by the spirit of my younger brother Akimbe, who takes the form of a floating, flaming skull that only I can understand.


A bit ridiculous for a ghost to be haunted by another ghost, but stranger things have happened.. After wandering for many years, I found myself on Hellifyno where I eventually found love, and a job as a school counselor but all things come to an end and as such those things didn’t last very long.



Now I spend my time in my unique home upon the Locomotive of St.Michael, a trans-dimensional train who’s box cars and cabin cars are made custom for their inhabitants, my own being designed on the inside to look like a gigantic zen garden.. As odd as it might sound it brings me peace.

My Appearance

Tall, just over 6’2″, slender but physically fit. Pale and translucent for the most part but in life he was a white man, with blue eyes and brown hair.  He dresses himself in garb akin to that of a typical shaman, as it was all he was given to wear upon his resurrection and it’s something he’s come to find comfortable.. Leather skirt-like lowers, jewelry, beaded arm bands.


And a small, flaming skull that follows him around chattering incessantly but they appear to share a familial fondness for each other.

My Secrets Are...

I’m really old.. Like.. 147 years old.

I Believe...

Being dead doesn't really change much.