Hasira Edvardas

Intro Video


Once, long ago, a man created an elixir.


~Is that seriously where ya are startin’ this story, JJ? I mean c’mon! Who the hell cares!? Get to the good part!~


*Sighs, ignoring the voice in her head* This elixir split his personality into to two entities: the normal, good willed doctor and…


~Dear ol’ dad!~


{*whispers* Hush, Hasira. I am telling the story.} *She clears her throat before continuing* …and his darker, more evil nature. Over time, the darker persona began to take over and the Switches started to occur without the aid of the elixir.


~Because the doctor was weeeeeak! Daddio may have been a rat bastard but ya have to admit he had swagger.~


Unfortunately, there was an unknown compound in the eli-..


~Chemical X! Call it Chemical X!~


*Slams her hands down on the table, knocking over a couple of glass beakers* I am not calling it that! Now for the last time time be quiet! *She smooths back some hair that fell out of place before continuing* The unknown compound was running low and could not be identified nor replicated. Eventually, the good doctor wrote a confession knowing he would soon no longer be able to change into his true self.


~<yawns> So boring. Okay, I’m takin’ over the story now.~


{No you are not. Whoever controls the body controls the story. We both agreed to this.}


~Hey genius! Look at your hand. <Smirks>~


{Oh, mother f-…*Trails off as the two Switch*}


Do ya kiss yer mama with that mouth of yer’s? Alright. So dear ol’ dad got busy after the War and voila! Along came the most kick ass bitch known to mankind.


{You forgot the part where a side effect of the elixir is slowed aging and extended life. We didn’t come along until over 50 years later.}


Shuddup, ya bitch! I’m in charge now! Nyeh! <She sticks her tongue out as if she is taunting someone standing to her right.> So yeah. The fabulous moi came along and fast forward to after daddy dearest had his… unfortunate “accident.”


{*Mutters under breath* That you caused by messing around in the warehouse.}


My body, my story! Now shut yer fucking face, ya whore! So yeah. Fire. Explosions. Death, destruction, mayhem. It was glorious! And then…I forget. I blacked out, for like…I dunno. A month maybe? Next thing I know, I’ve got this shiny new tat on my arm and a voice in my head saying that she is my little cricket or some shit.


{My name is Jemini Jindrich. Gem-in-I Yin-dr-ick. We have been over this. *Sighs* Just…keep calling me JJ.}


Yeah yeah yeah. Whatev’s. Aaaand that’s the story of the fabulous moi, Hasira Edvardas. The end.


{Wait! You are you not going to tell them about how we got to Hellifyno? Or how we Switch? Or any of the gaping plot holes you left out?}


*lawls* Nope! You can do that when ya switch back. Mwahaha!

Who Am I...

A woman whose soul is split into two

Romantic Interests

Too complicated to explain

Relationship Status


My Appearance
Jemini: Stands at 5’9″ with near perfect posture. Her midlength hair is blue and if asked, she does not dye it which is true. Her eyes were naturally brown but they are now heterochromatic, one eye taking on the colour of a glowing ember. There are three small hexagonal shapes nestled by this eye. Her language, like her posture, is usually very formal and she does not tend to use contractions.

Her normal garb includes tight fitting jeans and a black leather jacket with the collar turned up. She also has a pair of aviator sunglasses on most of the time to help keep people from staring at her eyes.
Hasira: Seems a little shorter than JJ since she tends to slouch. Hear eyes are the same cobalt blue as Jemini’s hair while her own hair is blonde.